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Our biggest Monster!!! April 7, 2011

Baby Aria, Brian, Mackenzi & Baby Jai

For those of you that pay real close attention, on my very first post I introduced myself as a mother of 5 + 1.

You all know that I have 5 kiddies of my own, but I am also Step-Mummy to my very awesome step-daughter, Mackenzi Paula.

Mackenzi was born in February 2001 at the Wodonga Hospital in Northern Victoria. My husband Brian welcomed his first child with open arms before having to return to work in another state.

Mackenzi's Kinder Photo

I first met Miss Mack when Brian and I became a couple during 2003.

She was such a vibrant and confident toddler, constantly wooing us with new and exciting things. To be perfectly honest, nothing has changed.

is headstrong and isn’t afraid to talk up and tell us what she wants or needs. She oozes confidence and enjoys

Mack 'n' Me

taking the lead in many different scenarios.

She has a great influence over our other children, teaching them new things and always giving them support and care when they need it.

It has been a long and sometimes tough road developing a strong bond with Mackenzi.

The distance between our families has made a hard job even harder but I am proud to say that we have come through the battle, guns blazing and Mackenzi and I have a fantastic relationship today.

Mackenzi & Brian

When we buddy up we love to spend our time scrapbooking. A craft I introduced to an eager Mack at a younger age, that she still enjoys today.

We also enjoy discussing the finer points of the music industry,  me stirring her up about Justin Bieber and her stirring me up about Daniel Johns (silverchair). It’s always good for a laugh. 🙂

Macks 10th Birthday!

Even though Mack is a million miles away (well approx 500kms) she is very much a part of our daily lives.

We love it when she visits, we miss her like mad when she’s away.