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Happy Easter Everybunny!!! April 21, 2011

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Happy Easter!

Easter could possibly be the celebration of the year I get least excited about.

Dont get me wrong I do like it, but in comparison to say Christmas Day or Mother’s day it really doesn’t rate!

Easter really has just become a commercial excuse to down millions of chocolate eggs without guilt…

Sounds shocking but it is true.

I must admit though, I cannot let an occasion slip by without enjoying the excitement the children bring with it.

So on Sunday morning I will put aside my distaste for overloading children with excess sugars, and enjoy their excitement as they discover their Easter Bunny Treats!!!!

What I am concerned about more than anything this year is the excessive price tag that traders and companies put on their eggs.

They know our kids want them.

Easter Eggs!

They know we’re going to buy them.

Arghhh, I would much rather spend $15 on a toy for each child and give them a block of chocolate for the occasion, however I don’t think just the block would cut it!

What to do what to do…… 🙂

I will go out and buy some Easter eggs, but I will not be going overboard.

Support this cause!!!!

I’m going to put a massive focus on tomorrow’s Royal Children’s Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal, and ask the kids to donate their piggy bank savings to the cause.

Now that is money well spent!!!

I’ve added a link here to their webpage.  Please check it out and donate if you can!

Give that they may Grow!!!!!

Wishing you all Safe and Happy Easter.

If you are travelling, stay safe on the roads, enjoy your family time and most of all…….

Have a basket load of FUN!!!!! 🙂


The Daily Dirt – 17/04/11 April 18, 2011

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We woke sunday morning to brilliant sunshine. A perfect day for a ride on a Steam Train.


I had packed our picnic bag the evening before, so all we had to do was get out of bed, get organised and jump in the car by 9am. EASY!

Waiting at the station.

Here it comes! TOOT TOOT!

All Aboard!

Are you ready?

Levi was loving it!!!!

Arrived at Maldon Station!

The Boys up a tree in Maldon.

The Girls in a Tree!

An old train the kids could climb on!

Mackenzi in the play train!

The corridor inside of our carriage! The kids thought we were on Harry Potter's Train!

Brian & Jac aboard the train!

Dr Doolittle at her best! She was hanging out the train window and caught a ladybug. Veruca was more excited about the bug than the train!!! LOL

Harry & Hermione on the train....

"What do you mean it's time to get off???"

Special Mention - The working train DOG!!! Not sure what he did but how awesome was he patrolling the platform!!! Hahahaha

So that was our Steam Train Family Adventure!

If you think it sounds like a bit of fun, Google… VICTORIAN GOLDFIELDS RAILWAY for more information or give them a call on

Telephone: (03) 5470 6658 🙂


The Daily Dirt – 04/04/11 April 4, 2011

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Sick or not sick???...That is the question!!!

Today I skipped out of town for an appointment with 3 children and my mother in tow. Zafirah chucked a sickie from school, well she really does have a shocking cough, but as usual, as soon as I said she could stay home she seemed to recover… Typical!!!


One would assume that if her throat was as sore as she insists it is, she might have possibly talked a whole lot less but this was however NOT THE CASE….. In fact by 2pm I had developed such a headache from her constant chitter chattering I had to purchase some Nurofen to ease the pain.


I couldn’t help but wonder how the girl gets on at school. Have they kept her that quiet that she had to unleash a weeks worth of built up jibber jabber on my poor tired ears in one sitting??? I have to be perfectly honest and admit that I am glad it is bedtime for them right now. It’s so peaceful in here all I can here is the tweeting of my baby finches and the keys tapping as I type this. 🙂


I have big plans for tomorrow, all of which involve housework. The dreaded catch up after a slack weekend. I’m really not sure if the slack weekend was worth it since I will be spending an entire child free day cleaning. Hmmmmm, will have to make a note of that for next weekend!!


So for now I will love you and leave you.


I have been summoned to the couch by my hubby for a snuggle and a movie. Such a rare occurrence is this that I am taking him up on his offer.




The Daily Dirt – 03/04/11 April 3, 2011

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This morning was bliss. I woke snuggled up all cosy and warm in the arms of my hubby. Something we clearly take for granted as the usual morning “hello, I love you” is the kiss good-bye I get on his way out to work. It was nice just to have that moment, even if they’re few and far between.

The peace didn’t last very long before Levi was commando crawling over me in a desperate attempt to wake Brian with a swift whack across the head. Good Morning Daddy…..

Ahhhh the chaos had begun and due to the end of daylight savings…. an hour earlier than usual.  Who needs an alarm when you can wake to the sounds of “Mum, I’m hungry”, “Mum, I want breakfast”, “Mum, can I watch TV?”, “Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum”….. Arghhhhh wait to go and ruin the moment Monster Squad….. LOL

Anyway, with great big plans of ripping up the dining room carpet this weekend, I can proudly say that we achieved nothing!!!

My Blog Journal. A place where I store all my ideas and thoughts!

I’m not sure if it was the weather or to do with moons or the fact that my children think I owe the 100% of my attention 100% of the time but no matter how hard I tried to achieve anything, I was interrupted and the task came to a screeching halt. Better luck next time I guess.

My day progressed much the same, I got some sketches done for an upcoming project and that was about it really. Jai went to a mate’s 7th birthday party, and that got me thinking I had better start planning my own kids parties very soon too.

I’ve also decided to undertake the whole Photo Of The Day concept and get snapping. I figure with the little time i have these day’s to dedicate to my scrapping, I must be missing out on preserving heaps of precious moments and memories. so this will be my brief way of documenting our lives until I rediscover that thing once know as “FREE TIME”….. 🙂

My motivation seems to be in a bit of a lull at the moment.

I think it’s always harder to get going when it’s so very cold. It must definitely be time to fire up the heater and leave it on when we’re at home. Brrrrrrr it’s been so chilly.

Well on that note I might just flick my electric blanket on, make a warm milo and get ready for bed!


Monster Squad Movie Night. March 22, 2011

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Zafirah getting her place on the couch.

Tuesday evenings in our house are known to be a favourite.

It has become our Family Movie & Take Out Night. The highlight being a family friendly DVD and some pizza. With times as hectic as they are these days, it’s nice for all of us to just sit back, unwind and relax in each others company. 🙂

Why a Tuesday you ask?

Aria getting a spot on the couch.

A few reasons.

We used to do our family movie night on a Friday night but often other things would come up and we would end up missing out on it.

Our local DVD Shop hires movies out for $1 on a Tuesday and you can’t argue with that price, New Releases included.

The pizza shop also have specials on a Tuesday that allows us to feed the whole squad for around $20. Much cheaper than any other take-out we have here.

So why is it important to have a regular family time scheduled into our routine?

Well according to Andrew Fuller (Clinical Psychologist & Family Therapist), in his book titled ‘Tricky Kids”, a ritual, together with a sense of belonging is the very foundation of resilience for tricky kids.

I really love his quote : Rituals are the rocks that the river of family life flows around. And I really believe it’s true.

So we have chosen our family movie night as our weekly ritual. No matter what life throws at us our children can rely on the fact that once a week on a Tuesday at 6.30pm we will all sit down together. 🙂

So in saying that I had better head off and organise our evening.

I’m looking forward to hearing about some of your family rituals…


Quality Time…. March 11, 2011

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Tonight I am going to sit down with a block of chocy and watch a movie with my husband. This is something we rarely ever make the effort to do anymore as there always seems to be something else requiring our attention.

And we all know when I say require, what I really mean is I have a husband that is addicted to gaming and gore filled movies. Neither of which are my ‘thing’. 😉

I can’t stress enough the importance of allowing time to just relax together, especially with the pressures of everyday life with a family. Since the day’s of dating, regular outings and that unknown realm of ‘Alone Time’ are long gone, a fear deep in my belly has began to grow.

I do have moments where I think to myself ….

“Our whole life now revolves around our children and our family environment, What if when the children grow up we don’t even know or like each other anymore??”

Scary stuff.

So I made a promise to myself this New Years, that I would make the effort to do more ‘us things’ and have more ‘us time’.

Honeymoon Fun!

I hope to organise a few dinners out together, maybe even go to the movies. A night away would be lovely at some point and this year, I would like to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. We have missed every one of them so far!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my children to bits, they are my world, but without Brian and I those little cuties wouldn’t be here. No more guilty feelings when we walk out the door and leave them with a sitter. No more “ohhh…. I wonder what they’re doing now”.

Just us. Just quality time. Good night. xo