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The Daily Dirt – 28th & 29th April 2011 April 29, 2011

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I think it’s safe to say I am exhausted.

Busy May!

Whilst some might say “Why?”

and others may say “That’s to be expected”

All I can think of is……. “It’s not even May yet!!!”

May is our craziest month of the year. It is always busy and always expensive.

To top it off this year, we’re expecting some minor renovations to commence on top of the usual CHAOS!!!

So here I am, Friday afternoon, pondering just how I am going to get through all of the up and coming events.

It’s becoming very overwhelming, I can tell you that much! 

Yesterday and today have been busy days but I feel like I’ve really achieved not much at all.

This morning I went to a Learning Ladder Party. They have some fantastic books and games available if you like that kind of thing. It was a nice change from some of the other ‘underwear’ parties that are going around.

This afternoon we received the kid’s school photos back from Term 1. I’m quite happy with them, except for the boogers dripping out of Jai’s nose, the gaping hole in Aria’s gappy smile and the rather large chunk of fringe that is missing from Zafirah’s head….

Ohwell, definitely great for a laugh in years to come!




Family Pic 2011


The Daily Dirt – Easter 2011 Roundup! April 27, 2011

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Well it’s been a few day’s since I have had a moment to spare to write so I have a lot of catch ing up to do!

I will start with Good Friday – 22nd April 2011.

The fire truck rolls up the street collecting donations!

We woke on Good Friday morning to the distant sounds of a fire truck.

Not what you would normally want to hear, but today it was a welcome sound.

The sirens this morning meant that the truck was on its way, doing the rounds up and down the streets of our town collecting money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

It has become a little tradition in our house that when the children hear the sirens they get down their piggy banks and pull out some coins to donate to the appeal.

Mackenzi & Levi show me some coins for the sick kids!

I think it is an amazing appeal and such a worthy cause.

The hospital not only helps the children of Victoria, they help children from all over our country and from other parts of the world.

Waiting for the truck......

It is also a fantastic opportunity to teach our children about being charitable and showing compassion for other people.

I was very proud to see them happily hand over their coins to the collectors in the street.  

Later on in the day we celebrated Levi’s 2nd Birthday.

His actual Birthday was on the 23rd, however we were headed to Melbourne on Saturday for Easter with my hubby’s family so we had a little cake at home so my mum could wish him a Happy Birthday!

He tore open his gifts with so much delight.

The look on his happy little face was so fantastic. All the kids enjoyed having a play with his new toys before we all went to bed!

Levi Blows Out His Candles!

Levi loves the truck..

Excited about getting his own Drill!

Saturday 23rd April 2011 – Levi’s 2nd Birthday!

I expected to wake this morning in tears, upset about my baby boy turning 2, but really, I was just fine! No tears, no upsets, no icky feelings at all.

Just a mass of excitement about our journey to Melbourne to spend Easter with Brian’s family.

It has been several years since we’ve done easter away from home and I was looking forward to seeing all the relatives and catching up with everyone.

The bunny has popped by early.....

The children were super excited, the Easter Bunny was not far away and they had met up

Let the hunt begin!

with family they had been hanging out to see.

Let the Chaos Begin!!!!

Once we had all arrived at Grandma’s house, there were 14 children running wild.

It was awesome to see them all play together and get along so well.

The delightful Easter Bunny made a stealth visit and treated all the kids to an early Easter Egg hunt. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

That evening we were treated to a big family dinner and a little birthday party celebration for Levi.

A giant thanks goes out to his dear Aunty A, for making him the most delicious Birthday cake decorated with his favourite Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear!

Levi's Birthday Cake!

By this stage in the day we were facing the impossible task of getting all the children to bed and asleep. Easier said than done on a hyped up belly full of chocolate and party snacks!!!!

We eventually got the last few to bed by 10.30pm (Crazy I know), and were then able to sit and relax before the big bunny made an appearance again!!!!

Sunday 24th April 2011 – EASTER SUNDAY!

Somewhere between the hour’s of 6am & 7am, we were met with squeals of excitement that the Bunny had been and spoilt them rotten…..

Nothing quite like the old ‘shriek of delight’ wake up call.

Aria with her surprise.

That cheeky bunny had gone and left the children some eggs outside the house again so clearly this called for yet another hunting extravaganza…..








Easter Morning In Grandma's Garden 2011

The following 2 days have been a blur, spent at home with some close friends.

A big thanks goes out to my hubby’s family for having us over the Easter break! We cant wait to see you all again soon!



A Dinosaur Party To Remember! April 9, 2011

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Around the time it was approaching Levi’s 1st birthday, he began pointing at Dinosaurs and “roaring”, so we decided what better than to give him a Dinosaur themed 1st Birthday Party.

The Entrance I Made For The Party.

We invited a lot of family and friends to celebrate with us so we chose to hire our local Girl Guide hall as a venue!

The Food Table & Party Banner!

Table all Set.

I purchased Dinosaur themed Invites, Party Hats, Plates and Table Cloths from a discount variety store.

These were fairly cheap at $2.00 per packet and looked fantastic when it was all set up.

I wanted a ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner but couldn’t find a good one so I made my own.

I printed out each letter on a separate page then laminated the pages and strung then together. Very simple and effective!

Next I set up areas for the children to play.

Knowing that we would have a variety of ages to cater for, I chose to set up:

* A colouring in pages activity table. I just scanned in pages from a Land Before Time colouring book and printed off photocopy quality pages for the children to colour and take home. A huge success.

* A play dough table. We made the sparkly green play dough the night before the party which I must add was the most popular part of the party… 🙂

The Colouring In Table!

The Play dough Table!

The Birthday Boy!

Once everyone had arrived we sat the children up at the table and let them eat. We served up general party food plus sandwich triangles and cupcakes for the adults to enjoy.

We also made sure we have Tea, Coffee & Milk on hand aswell.

After the food came GAME TIME!!!

The children played Musical Chairs, Bobs & Statues and Pass the Parcel.

These games were perfect as they suited all the different ages of children that were there!

Musical Chairs!!!

Pass The Parcel!

Roar the Dinosaur!!!

Then we had a surprise Visitor…..

Roar the Dinosaur!!

Roar was really only Brian dressed in a suit but his surprise entrance scared a lot of the kids senseless!! My advice for having people in character costumes is to give them plenty of warning first!!! I think we would have been much better off telling the kids that there was going to be a surprise visitor so they werent so freaked out!

All the same the adults had a massive laugh at Brian parading around as a dinosaur terrifying children left, right and centre!!

Levi spots Roar the Dinosaur.

No way Mum, I'm out of here!!!

Nope, Not Happy At All.....

So after the little scare we all sat down and enjoyed the dinosaur cake, shared out the children’s lolly bags and said a massive thanks to everyone for attending the party!

Once we got home we let our kids have a play with the suit which they absolutely adored. We had so many giggles that night that it made hiring the costume totally worthwhile!!!

Roar comes home and surprises Aria!!

Jai as Roar the Dinosaur!

Zafirah loving every moment!

Aria Suiting Up!

Veruca being ROAR!!!


Party Planning! April 4, 2011

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Welcome to my new category… Party Planning.

Cake Time!!

In this section I will show you my ideas and thoughts on planning a fantastic themed party.

As the month of May approaches I am facing yet another round of birthday bashes and I’d love to share them with you.

I hope I can help you ease the stress of organising and preparing for a party. I will be adding printable check-lists and decoration ideas in the near future.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments on my children’s party experiences!

Enjoy! 🙂