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The Daily Dirt – 28th & 29th April 2011 April 29, 2011

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I think it’s safe to say I am exhausted.

Busy May!

Whilst some might say “Why?”

and others may say “That’s to be expected”

All I can think of is……. “It’s not even May yet!!!”

May is our craziest month of the year. It is always busy and always expensive.

To top it off this year, we’re expecting some minor renovations to commence on top of the usual CHAOS!!!

So here I am, Friday afternoon, pondering just how I am going to get through all of the up and coming events.

It’s becoming very overwhelming, I can tell you that much! 

Yesterday and today have been busy days but I feel like I’ve really achieved not much at all.

This morning I went to a Learning Ladder Party. They have some fantastic books and games available if you like that kind of thing. It was a nice change from some of the other ‘underwear’ parties that are going around.

This afternoon we received the kid’s school photos back from Term 1. I’m quite happy with them, except for the boogers dripping out of Jai’s nose, the gaping hole in Aria’s gappy smile and the rather large chunk of fringe that is missing from Zafirah’s head….

Ohwell, definitely great for a laugh in years to come!




Family Pic 2011


Monday Motivation #5 – A little Late!!! April 20, 2011

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Cooking Pizzas During The Week!

This week’s Monday Motivation is coming to you a little late!

But better late than never I say!

It’s been quite difficult to fit a daily blog post in during the school holidays, we’ve been so busy trying to keep the kids busy, and let’s face it, things just come up!

I am beginning to think that it would be extra silly of me to attempt to add much extra into my week at this stage, we’re on the countdown to Easter now and I have some serious organising to do!

The best thing that will happen to my eBay pile this week, will be that it gets stacked up neatly in my tidy up that will take place today and tomorrow.

We’re expecting visitors in the few days after Easter so I’d like the house to be clean and sorted before they arrive. So every spare moment this week between the kids, the hubby, the blog etc etc will be spent cleaning an area of the house!

Not very exciting at all but I will admit the organisation and cleaning of the house has slipped a bit in all our school holiday FUN!!!


The Daily Dirt – 16/04/11 April 16, 2011

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Snuggling with Boots this morning!

This will have to be the quickest Daily Dirt to date. 🙂


I will give you a rundown of my day in dot points!


* Wake, get kids organised and take Aria up the street to buy a present for her friend whose party she was attending.


* Drop Aria off at the party (nothing like being organised is there!!! LOL).


* Come home, juggle fighting Monster Squad.


* Make up a batch of Chicken & Vegie pies.


* Go to the shop to buy food for our picnic tomorrow.


* Prepare food for dinner.


* Supervise children making their own mini pizza’s for dinner.


* Quick tidy up and put washing on while dinner is cooking.


* Eat dinner.


* Take the Monster Squad to the local Footy.

Levi & Aria sitting on the car waiting for the footy to start.


* Run around in 40 different directions after them all.


* Bring them home all tired and worn out.


* Shower the kids and put them to bed.


* Prepare rolls and fruit bags for tomorrows picnic.


* Wash the mountain of dishes left on the sink.


* Complete The Daily Dirt Blog Post.


Well that’s where I am up to now. Soon as I finish this I will be headed straight for the shower then to bed!


I’m certainly tired!


So goodnight for now, another big day ahead for us tomorrow! 🙂

Sad but true.... Zaf in her Adelaide gear!!! Hahaha

Mackenzi enjoying the footy!


Sanity Savers!

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Welcome to my new category ‘SANITY SAVERS’.

My mind feels like this pic sometimes!!!

The idea behind this section of the blog is to provide quick posts with ideas that can help save your sanity in times of desperation and utter disbelief.

We all have these moments,

and there used to be a time that I would feel like sitting in the corner shaking to block out the menacing children, the latest massive bill, the mess in a room that looked like we had been robbed.

It’s all about things that you can do to preserve your sanity 🙂

Especially helpful during the school holidays!

So enjoy!


The Daily Dirt – 14/04/11 April 14, 2011

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Look what I found curled up next to me this morning!!!!


Well in typical fashion upon leaving for work Brian must have woken the little monster again because when I rolled over this is what i saw……..

A snuggly little Levi 🙂

As nice as it is to wake up with his cuddles, every part of me was wishing it wasn’t really 6.30am and he was really tricking and going straight back to sleep…… Bahahahha! NO CHANCE!

Nevermind, I was awake now!

So began my day. Day 4 of the School Holidays.

This morning was pretty chaotic. The kids are hyped up as they get to see their big sister tomorrow and no amount of shooshing was going to curb their excitement at the breakfast table.

I soldiered on through the crazy behaviour and managed to organise the tribe into clothes, pack Levi’s bag and deliver him to day-care by 9.30am.

We made a quick stop back at home to grab some jackets (it was quite chilly this morning), and headed up to the local park for our Mum’s Group catch up. I had a fantastic time catching up with the ladies while the children ran mad. It’s always nice to speak with mums that know exactly what you’re dealing with everyday 🙂

Thank-you MUM’S GROUP 🙂

Before we knew it, it was lunch time so we headed on home only to find a sick and whingy husband/father there. He had come home from work with a belly ache….. Lets all cross our fingers and hope he just ate something bad….. xxxxxx

So while he was home, he gave me some much-needed help on my secret project…. 🙂

I left him to it this afternoon, and headed to the shops to fill our cupboards and freezer full of food for the week. Surprisingly, I seemed to spend much less this week and I can’t work out why…….

Gosh I hope I havent forgotten to buy anything major. As far as I know all I need to get later in the week is fresh shaved ham……

Not to worry it’s a win for me and means that I will be able to afford the hair-dye colours for my sister-in-law to do my hair. YEY! (it’s been awhile)…

Zafirah - Very proud of her cooking efforts!


With the help of my ever so persistent chef Zafirah, I prepared tomorrow night’s Pasta Bake tonight as we will be out during the day. I guess that means I don’t have to cook tomorrow!

WOOHOO! I love being one step ahead. It can’t get anymore simple than shoving it in the oven and letting it heat up. 🙂


I also had the pleasure of some special visitors this evening, a lovely lady and her daughter that I havent been able to catch up with in ages.

We had a great gas-bag over a cuppa and I loved finally meeting their gorgeous little puppy 🙂 Super Cute!

The children all went straight to sleep tonight – just proves that the fresh air at he park did them the world of good. We may have to frequent the park more often….Much much more often!!!!

And that brings me to now.

Tired and ready for bed!

Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂




Monster Squad Meal Planning – Week 4!

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Firstly I must apologise to my readers for being a day late. I’m afraid I spent Wednesday night frying my own brain trying to teach myself how to use Adobe Photoshop…… Massive Fail.

I will get there eventually but it certainly wont be quick!!!

Masterchef eat your heart out....It's Chef Zafirah

Lets hope my meals this week are nothing like my understanding of HTML coding….

This week has to be super easy and super organised as it will be our ‘busy’ week of the holidays!

We will pick up Mackenzi (My Step-daughter) tomorrow,  so we will be out and about doing most of our holiday activities while she is with us. 🙂



Lunch: Steamed Dim Sims

Dinner: Provincial Chicken




Lunch: Take-Out in Ballarat

Dinner: Pasta Bake & Garlic Bread


Lunch: Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Ice-Cream with Ice Magic.... Such A Treat!!!!

Dinner: Homemade Pizzas


Lunch: Picnic Basket Lunch

Dinner: Beef Casserole & Mash


Lunch: Nachos

Dinner: Chicken Kebabs & Flavoured Rice


Lunch: 2 Min Noodles

Dinner: Chicken Parmas & Scalloped potatoes


Lunch: Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Dinner: Homemade Fried Rice with Mini DimSims & Mini Spring Rolls



Tinned Two Fruits

Cheese & Biscuits


Carrot Sticks



Mini Muffins

Easter Biscuits


I might even go as far as preparing a few deserts this week….. LOL, after all, it is the holidays!!! 🙂








Surviving School Holidays! April 13, 2011

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No..... not up to mischief at all.....

Well today is officially day 3 of the Victorian School Holidays and I am still alive. A little on the ‘I stayed up too late blogging’ side but alive and awake and pondering my day.

Surviving school holidays has really become a massive priority in this house as we had a slightly extended christmas break that was 7 weeks long and i’m certain that if it had of been a day longer I would be locked up right now.

I know where I went wrong during those holidays though, and i am not about to let it happen again. It’s all in the routine and planning.

Yes thats right, even our holiday breaks must be organised to ensure quality time be well…quality and to preserve whats left of my fading sanity. 🙂




Kids thrive on routine. I have proven this thoery in my own home.

When we run to a routine the children tend to cooperate, do what we ask them to and know whats expected of them.

When we run with no routine we have nothing but CHAOS!!


Our routine is rather extensive, however it doesnt have to be complicated at all.


If your regular routine involves being up and organised for school by a certain time, you might want to relax a little on that (afterall it is holidays) but if you always make the beds before you leave the house for the day, keep it in the routine.

There is nothing worse that having to start a routine from scratch after each holiday break.



Over the Christmas break we had alot of days just sitting around at home in the same 4 walls doing not much of anything. BIG MISTAKE!!!


These holidays I am making sure that we have something to do everyday to keep us all busy!

This is where my beloved whiteboard comes in…..

My white board on Cleaning day!!! LOL


On my whiteboard, which is displayed in our hallway I have written the days down one side and the activity or plan next to them.

This way everyone in the house knows what to expect on each day.


The kids get a real kick out of reading it each morning and it keeps them from pulling out other activities when we dont have time for them or if we are heading out the door.


I have made sure I have included activities that are at home (save’s heaps of money), with friends and something special in the break aswell.

If there is something I want to surprise them with I will write something like Surprise Adventure to keep them guessing.


This weeks plan looks alot like this:


Monday – Outside Play, Afternoon DVD and House Tidy Up.


Tuesday – Surprise Library Visit (Halls Gap Wildlife Zoo) , Friends for Lunch & Monster Squad Movie Night.


Wednesday – Tidy Up Morning, Country Drive to visit some friends & Cooking.


Thurday -Mother’s Group Play Date, Afternoon DVD / Outdoor play, Walk to park (weather permitting).


Friday – Pick Up Mackenzi for her school holiday visit & play at the Fairy Playground.


Saturday – Crafts at home, (Aria to a party), Family Lunch, Twilight Local Footy Match.


Sunday – Steam Train Ride In Maldon.


If you’re struggling for ideas on things to do, contact your local Visitor Information Centre. They often know what’s on around town during the break, google activities, crafts & games and ideas to keep the children busy on the quiet days.


So hopefully the weather behaves itself and we can enjoy the rest of this week. Be flexible if things change, often things that happen on the spur of the moment leave us with wonderful memories 🙂

Happy Planning!!!