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The Daily Dirt – 28th & 29th April 2011 April 29, 2011

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I think it’s safe to say I am exhausted.

Busy May!

Whilst some might say “Why?”

and others may say “That’s to be expected”

All I can think of is……. “It’s not even May yet!!!”

May is our craziest month of the year. It is always busy and always expensive.

To top it off this year, we’re expecting some minor renovations to commence on top of the usual CHAOS!!!

So here I am, Friday afternoon, pondering just how I am going to get through all of the up and coming events.

It’s becoming very overwhelming, I can tell you that much! 

Yesterday and today have been busy days but I feel like I’ve really achieved not much at all.

This morning I went to a Learning Ladder Party. They have some fantastic books and games available if you like that kind of thing. It was a nice change from some of the other ‘underwear’ parties that are going around.

This afternoon we received the kid’s school photos back from Term 1. I’m quite happy with them, except for the boogers dripping out of Jai’s nose, the gaping hole in Aria’s gappy smile and the rather large chunk of fringe that is missing from Zafirah’s head….

Ohwell, definitely great for a laugh in years to come!




Family Pic 2011


The Daily Dirt – 15/04/11 April 15, 2011

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Our Facebook Page!

Firstly tonight I want to thank all my new ‘Likers’ on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page.

It’s fantastic to see so many of you sharing the blog on.

It inspires me to write more and reassure’s me that I’m writing in the right direction when I can see the numbers of fans slowly but surely rising.

If you havent stopped by the Facebook page yet, check it out and remember to like the actual page!

This blog started as a means for me to clear my head of daily thoughts, collate my organising ideas, keep a record of crafts, record my work around the house and to keep me organised and up to date with basically everything in our lives.

Something I have been meaning to do for a lot of years now. With the encouragement of friends and family, I started to write and I am loving every minute of it.

Not only am I falling to sleep straight away each night with a clear mind, (good-bye tossing and turning for hours on end), it’s very uplifting to hear from people who have tried my ideas, used my meals plans and been inspired to create. 

I would never have imagined that people would want to read my life story in a blog, let alone subscribe to it.

So I thank-you. You readers really make my day…. everyday lately 🙂

Lounge Lizards In Action....

Today was a biggie…..

We were all up early in preparation to meet up with my step-daughter Mackenzi and bring her home for the week.

The children were so filled with excitement that they almost bowled Mack over as soon as they saw her, and the rest of our day has pretty much followed suit.

It must be hard on them to only see her during school holiday breaks, they miss her beyond belief and I am now going to try to organise a regular weekly Skype video call for her and the kids to catch up with each other.

Perhaps this can become another ritual in our house just like our movie night.

In desperation of some kind of calm, we put on a dvd for the kids to watch late this afternoon while dinner warmed up. It was very short-lived but it did buy me close to half an hour of quite before they were bouncing off the walls again. I can definitely feel a few outdoor adventures coming on!!!! 🙂

Also this evening I have been busy designing invitations for the twins 7th birthday parties that are coming up in May. I love fiddling around with stuff like this.

I guess it’s just another extension on my scrapbooking.  Now I just have to print them out and laminate them and they’re done! Yey!

Arias Invite

Jais Invite

So on that note, I’m off to crank up the laminator…. one of my favourite devices from our office…..Ahhhh……

Stay tuned for more CHAOS tomorrow!!! 🙂


How do I store my………… LEGO??? March 25, 2011

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Our bubble car!

Today I am going to share with you my Lego storage system. If you have read my introduction to Jai post you would be well aware that this child is obsessed with Lego. You name it, he want’s to build it and he want’s my help.

A crazy police truck creation!

My frustration with the Lego came about when we had it stored in a large storage tub. Everything was jumbled up and mixed in together, making even the simplest build project difficult and time consuming.

To top it off, often the only way to find the piece you were looking for is to upturn the entire tub spreading lego from one end of the room to the other.

I do love the old spread a bed sheet out on the floor and go for your life method but it is far from suitable in this house.

With a baby on the loose I had to come up with something that made playing with Lego safe, but also allowed me to be involved in a much

The Stopper Cabinet Storage System!

faster fashion. Long gone were the hours of just sitting down and fiddling with the blocks. I had some serious time constraints to consider!

I went to a shop called STORE, where I came across these totally fabulous storage systems. Wait…. it gets better….. They were reduced to half price!!! LOVE A BARGAIN!

Anyway, These systems were located in the Automotive / Garage area of the shop. I am assuming that they are designed to be filled with nails, screws and that type of thing but they certainly do the Lego trick!

It even has top trays for tiny bits and pieces!

So I sat down one evening and started sorting. I knew if   things were colour coordinated

and if similar things were placed together it would save me hours of time when building with Jai.

Jai's Lego all sorted into the drawer compartments!

The best thing about this system is that the drawers have a stopper pull bit on them that stops the drawers from sliding open when you’re carrying them around. Great thinking if you ask me!!!


Similar systems can be found in shops like Supercheap Auto and some Hardware chain stores.

Jai LOVES it!







If the Lego in your house gives you a hard time (nothing quite like stomping on a sharp block in during a pitch black midnight dash to the toilet :-0 ), give this storage and sorting method a try!

And now….. Im off to build!!!