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The Daily Dirt – Easter 2011 Roundup! April 27, 2011

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Well it’s been a few day’s since I have had a moment to spare to write so I have a lot of catch ing up to do!

I will start with Good Friday – 22nd April 2011.

The fire truck rolls up the street collecting donations!

We woke on Good Friday morning to the distant sounds of a fire truck.

Not what you would normally want to hear, but today it was a welcome sound.

The sirens this morning meant that the truck was on its way, doing the rounds up and down the streets of our town collecting money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

It has become a little tradition in our house that when the children hear the sirens they get down their piggy banks and pull out some coins to donate to the appeal.

Mackenzi & Levi show me some coins for the sick kids!

I think it is an amazing appeal and such a worthy cause.

The hospital not only helps the children of Victoria, they help children from all over our country and from other parts of the world.

Waiting for the truck......

It is also a fantastic opportunity to teach our children about being charitable and showing compassion for other people.

I was very proud to see them happily hand over their coins to the collectors in the street.  

Later on in the day we celebrated Levi’s 2nd Birthday.

His actual Birthday was on the 23rd, however we were headed to Melbourne on Saturday for Easter with my hubby’s family so we had a little cake at home so my mum could wish him a Happy Birthday!

He tore open his gifts with so much delight.

The look on his happy little face was so fantastic. All the kids enjoyed having a play with his new toys before we all went to bed!

Levi Blows Out His Candles!

Levi loves the truck..

Excited about getting his own Drill!

Saturday 23rd April 2011 – Levi’s 2nd Birthday!

I expected to wake this morning in tears, upset about my baby boy turning 2, but really, I was just fine! No tears, no upsets, no icky feelings at all.

Just a mass of excitement about our journey to Melbourne to spend Easter with Brian’s family.

It has been several years since we’ve done easter away from home and I was looking forward to seeing all the relatives and catching up with everyone.

The bunny has popped by early.....

The children were super excited, the Easter Bunny was not far away and they had met up

Let the hunt begin!

with family they had been hanging out to see.

Let the Chaos Begin!!!!

Once we had all arrived at Grandma’s house, there were 14 children running wild.

It was awesome to see them all play together and get along so well.

The delightful Easter Bunny made a stealth visit and treated all the kids to an early Easter Egg hunt. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

That evening we were treated to a big family dinner and a little birthday party celebration for Levi.

A giant thanks goes out to his dear Aunty A, for making him the most delicious Birthday cake decorated with his favourite Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear!

Levi's Birthday Cake!

By this stage in the day we were facing the impossible task of getting all the children to bed and asleep. Easier said than done on a hyped up belly full of chocolate and party snacks!!!!

We eventually got the last few to bed by 10.30pm (Crazy I know), and were then able to sit and relax before the big bunny made an appearance again!!!!

Sunday 24th April 2011 – EASTER SUNDAY!

Somewhere between the hour’s of 6am & 7am, we were met with squeals of excitement that the Bunny had been and spoilt them rotten…..

Nothing quite like the old ‘shriek of delight’ wake up call.

Aria with her surprise.

That cheeky bunny had gone and left the children some eggs outside the house again so clearly this called for yet another hunting extravaganza…..








Easter Morning In Grandma's Garden 2011

The following 2 days have been a blur, spent at home with some close friends.

A big thanks goes out to my hubby’s family for having us over the Easter break! We cant wait to see you all again soon!



Happy Easter Everybunny!!! April 21, 2011

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Happy Easter!

Easter could possibly be the celebration of the year I get least excited about.

Dont get me wrong I do like it, but in comparison to say Christmas Day or Mother’s day it really doesn’t rate!

Easter really has just become a commercial excuse to down millions of chocolate eggs without guilt…

Sounds shocking but it is true.

I must admit though, I cannot let an occasion slip by without enjoying the excitement the children bring with it.

So on Sunday morning I will put aside my distaste for overloading children with excess sugars, and enjoy their excitement as they discover their Easter Bunny Treats!!!!

What I am concerned about more than anything this year is the excessive price tag that traders and companies put on their eggs.

They know our kids want them.

Easter Eggs!

They know we’re going to buy them.

Arghhh, I would much rather spend $15 on a toy for each child and give them a block of chocolate for the occasion, however I don’t think just the block would cut it!

What to do what to do…… 🙂

I will go out and buy some Easter eggs, but I will not be going overboard.

Support this cause!!!!

I’m going to put a massive focus on tomorrow’s Royal Children’s Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal, and ask the kids to donate their piggy bank savings to the cause.

Now that is money well spent!!!

I’ve added a link here to their webpage.  Please check it out and donate if you can!

Give that they may Grow!!!!!

Wishing you all Safe and Happy Easter.

If you are travelling, stay safe on the roads, enjoy your family time and most of all…….

Have a basket load of FUN!!!!! 🙂


The Daily Dirt – 21/04/11

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My day began much the same as most Thursdays do in this house.

Wake, Breakfast, Get dressed, Teeth, etc….

Once we were ready for the day we gave the house a quick tidy up before our visitors arrived.

Earlier in the week I had organised with a friend to bring her 3 children over for a play.

Not only would it help regain some sanity, it would fill in the day and keep the Easter Bunny excitement at bay….. Or so we thought…. Hahahahhaha!!!!

I popped some party pies, sausage rolls & nuggets in the oven for lunch and we let the kids run wild while they heated up.

Mackenzi and Aria having a great time!

After lunch I asked the kids to head outside while we set up an easter egg and chocolate hunt for them!

While the actual hunt only lasted a few minutes, it was well worth it so see the joy and excitement on their little faces.

The downside??? Several hyped up sugar filled kids!!!

So after approximately 2 hours of  chaos, I picked Brian up from work and quietly mentioned to Zafirah that Dad had seen something fluffy in the backyard….

Like a shot she was off and within no time the whole group of kids were hunting what is commonly referred to as ‘The Easter Bunny’!!


They were out there searching every nook and cranny of our backyard, even setting up rabbit traps with boxes and lettuce leaves.

All from a few little words I said in a vain effort to grab a second’s peace….. Bloody Golden!!! Hahahaha.


Sanity Savers! April 16, 2011

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Welcome to my new category ‘SANITY SAVERS’.

My mind feels like this pic sometimes!!!

The idea behind this section of the blog is to provide quick posts with ideas that can help save your sanity in times of desperation and utter disbelief.

We all have these moments,

and there used to be a time that I would feel like sitting in the corner shaking to block out the menacing children, the latest massive bill, the mess in a room that looked like we had been robbed.

It’s all about things that you can do to preserve your sanity 🙂

Especially helpful during the school holidays!

So enjoy!


The Daily Dirt – 14/04/11 April 14, 2011

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Look what I found curled up next to me this morning!!!!


Well in typical fashion upon leaving for work Brian must have woken the little monster again because when I rolled over this is what i saw……..

A snuggly little Levi 🙂

As nice as it is to wake up with his cuddles, every part of me was wishing it wasn’t really 6.30am and he was really tricking and going straight back to sleep…… Bahahahha! NO CHANCE!

Nevermind, I was awake now!

So began my day. Day 4 of the School Holidays.

This morning was pretty chaotic. The kids are hyped up as they get to see their big sister tomorrow and no amount of shooshing was going to curb their excitement at the breakfast table.

I soldiered on through the crazy behaviour and managed to organise the tribe into clothes, pack Levi’s bag and deliver him to day-care by 9.30am.

We made a quick stop back at home to grab some jackets (it was quite chilly this morning), and headed up to the local park for our Mum’s Group catch up. I had a fantastic time catching up with the ladies while the children ran mad. It’s always nice to speak with mums that know exactly what you’re dealing with everyday 🙂

Thank-you MUM’S GROUP 🙂

Before we knew it, it was lunch time so we headed on home only to find a sick and whingy husband/father there. He had come home from work with a belly ache….. Lets all cross our fingers and hope he just ate something bad….. xxxxxx

So while he was home, he gave me some much-needed help on my secret project…. 🙂

I left him to it this afternoon, and headed to the shops to fill our cupboards and freezer full of food for the week. Surprisingly, I seemed to spend much less this week and I can’t work out why…….

Gosh I hope I havent forgotten to buy anything major. As far as I know all I need to get later in the week is fresh shaved ham……

Not to worry it’s a win for me and means that I will be able to afford the hair-dye colours for my sister-in-law to do my hair. YEY! (it’s been awhile)…

Zafirah - Very proud of her cooking efforts!


With the help of my ever so persistent chef Zafirah, I prepared tomorrow night’s Pasta Bake tonight as we will be out during the day. I guess that means I don’t have to cook tomorrow!

WOOHOO! I love being one step ahead. It can’t get anymore simple than shoving it in the oven and letting it heat up. 🙂


I also had the pleasure of some special visitors this evening, a lovely lady and her daughter that I havent been able to catch up with in ages.

We had a great gas-bag over a cuppa and I loved finally meeting their gorgeous little puppy 🙂 Super Cute!

The children all went straight to sleep tonight – just proves that the fresh air at he park did them the world of good. We may have to frequent the park more often….Much much more often!!!!

And that brings me to now.

Tired and ready for bed!

Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂




The Daily Dirt – 12/04/11 April 12, 2011

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Well people, today was awesome!!!!

As those of you that follow the blog would know my day once again started backwards (as I usually blog at night), with me sitting snug in bed with my laptop and a cuppa, churning out blog posts before 9am….. Hmmmmm I like it.

Do the kids really need to go to school so early??? hahaha kidding, but it is nice not to get up and rush about like a headless chook once in a while. 🙂

Greg with a Dingo.

Once we were up and motivated (I mean dressed & decent) we headed to the town library for a special show they were hosting. I had kept it a surprise from the kids to

1. Curb the crazy hypo excitement,

2. cos everyone loves surprises!!!


The Halls Gap Wildlife Zoo were putting on a FREE presentation of some of their animals for the children to see. Well I couldn’t argue with that…..

Interesting and educational with the added bonus of not costing a cent! Ahhh Thank-you Halls Gap Wildlife Zoo you filled in what could have been a long and dreary morning!!!

The Olive Snake.... Arghh I was so scared!!!


We returned home after our excursion to the library minus one child – impromptu playdate – but with an extra tribe of kids to play with mine!!! Surprisingly for 7 children in the house, it looked pretty decent when we left to get our tea!

So while the kids were at play, my crafty buddy and I sat staring at the computer screen trying to decipher a jibberish type language that would allow us to master Adobe Illustrator. Ha! What a joke. We did learn a few bits and pieces though and came up with a fantastic piece of artwork in the process.

Super happy dance! I just hope it all works out in the end! 🙂

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and get organised to go and pick up Brian from work and take the kids to McDonald’s. A promised I had made 2 weeks ago.

That’s right, I even got to have a day off cooking!!! Awesome!

Being our Family Movie Night, and school holidays, the video shop had nothing exciting to offer so we all sat down and watched our copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I thought the giant spiders would have had the MonsterSquad squirming and running up the hallway but they were so intent on seeing the whole movie through. I did get a few tight squeezes on my arm in other parts though!!!!

It was a nice way to end a great day.

Lets hope tomorrow will be just as easy-going!!!




The Daily Dirt – 06/04/11 April 6, 2011

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Veruca and I playing with the iPhone4!


Wednesdays are always busy in our house.

I spend just over 2 hours in Jai’s classroom helping out with their reading and discoveries program, which I totally enjoy. I love watching the kids faces light up when they create something new, read a new word or just want to explain their projects to me.

Ohhhh to be in Grade 1 again!!! Hahahahaha 🙂

Jai decided for his discoveries project he would make a snow globe. So far so good, and if we turn it over next week and everything works the way it’s supposed to I will create a “How To…” craft sheet to share.

I can see it being a fantastic project for the coming easter holiday break.

After I had finished at the school I had to do some banking, hang out some washing and prepare lunch for brian as he didn’t take any to work with him.

After lunch it was time to get Veruca ready in her Ballet uniform, take her to her class, pick up the school kids, had some extras over for a quick play, take Zafirah to her ballet lesson & pick her up again, cook dinner, dishes etc etc…..

And there went my day, right before my eyes….again….. 🙂 I swear the days are going faster and faster.

Some great news for today though is that Aria got into jazz dance classes starting next term. Lets just say she’s a little pumped about it all. I’m certain I heard the words “I can’t wait till term 2” about a thousand times over dinner….

Ahhhh I love seeing them this happy. Makes all the miserable parenting moments worthwhile 🙂