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Not everyone can lay claim to the ownership of their very own MONSTER SQUAD!!!

Our biggest Monster!!! April 7, 2011

Baby Aria, Brian, Mackenzi & Baby Jai

For those of you that pay real close attention, on my very first post I introduced myself as a mother of 5 + 1.

You all know that I have 5 kiddies of my own, but I am also Step-Mummy to my very awesome step-daughter, Mackenzi Paula.

Mackenzi was born in February 2001 at the Wodonga Hospital in Northern Victoria. My husband Brian welcomed his first child with open arms before having to return to work in another state.

Mackenzi's Kinder Photo

I first met Miss Mack when Brian and I became a couple during 2003.

She was such a vibrant and confident toddler, constantly wooing us with new and exciting things. To be perfectly honest, nothing has changed.

is headstrong and isn’t afraid to talk up and tell us what she wants or needs. She oozes confidence and enjoys

Mack 'n' Me

taking the lead in many different scenarios.

She has a great influence over our other children, teaching them new things and always giving them support and care when they need it.

It has been a long and sometimes tough road developing a strong bond with Mackenzi.

The distance between our families has made a hard job even harder but I am proud to say that we have come through the battle, guns blazing and Mackenzi and I have a fantastic relationship today.

Mackenzi & Brian

When we buddy up we love to spend our time scrapbooking. A craft I introduced to an eager Mack at a younger age, that she still enjoys today.

We also enjoy discussing the finer points of the music industry,Β  me stirring her up about Justin Bieber and her stirring me up about Daniel Johns (silverchair). It’s always good for a laugh. πŸ™‚

Macks 10th Birthday!

Even though Mack is a million miles away (well approx 500kms) she is very much a part of our daily lives.

We love it when she visits, we miss her like mad when she’s away.





Our Zoo…. March 7, 2011

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Scooby! The biggest Jack Russell ever!!!

Pets….. We have heaps.

Aria with Chilli.


Many people have questioned me for reasons why I would commit to owning so many animals, when my plate is rather full already with children. My answer….?

Because I cannot remember a day in my childhood (and adult life) where I was not the proud owner of a pet and that is an experience I want my children to cherish, as I still do to this day.

Already our pets have taught our children responsibility, independence, affection, gentleness, caution, about life and death and sharing daily tasks. There are days where I consider the costs, the time and the heartache when we lose them, but nothing is yet to deter me from have a petting zoo at home!!!

So I will introduce to you our current menagerie…

Scooby – The Jack Russell Cross that I adopted from the RSPCA…… (Clearly the vet that defined his breed was a little confused). Scooby is much closer to a whippet/greyhound cross. He has been a fantastic dog, well-mannered and generally well-behaved. He’s about 8 yrs old now.


Jai with Hendrix

Scrappy – A Pomeranian Cross. Fantastic little dog, excellent with the kids although he does like to escape the yard….


Boots – A ginger and white cat. Adorable creature with lots of cuddles.

Veruca with Boots.


Chilli – A white, ginger & black cat. She’s super fluffy and a big favourite with the kids.

Hendrix – A black cat, brother to Chilli. He’s so super cuddly and watches the TV with Brian every night.

Ernie – A giant Oscar fish. Ernie is Brian’s pride and joy. He has grown him from around an inch long to his current length of approx 8 inches. This fish scares the hell out of me as he is extremely aggressive and will sulk if he’s not happy. I am still amazed that a fish can have such a personality…

Sprite the Guinea Pig.


3 Guinea Pigs – These are a major part of our children’s routine as they feed, water and care for them on their own.

A Tank of tropical fish – My fish tank. πŸ™‚

And my babies…..


Yertle the Turtle.

3 Eastern Long neck Turtles. I love them. Very entertaining. I can make them dance!!! πŸ™‚


Whats next you ask? Well Brian would love a Bearded Dragon Lizard. I want some birds again.

Who knows what I will bring home next…


The Teeniest Weeniest Monster….erm…. February 28, 2011

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During April 2009 we welcomed the long awaited arrival of another BOY child!!! WooHoo….. Finally!!! Introducing Levi Kaelan…

The big boofer of the family weighing in at a giant 8lb 6oz…. I guess in general speaking terms a baby of this size is really quite normal, but after the others, he has just always seemed HUGE!

Ahhhhh my little Levi, melts my heart every time. Some (The Husband) might suggest that since the arrival of Levi, I have gone all soft. Somewhat mooshy even. I’m not sure what it is, might even be a mother/son thing but I just cant help it. He is the big cuddles, the silly stunts and at the age where everything is an adventure. While I am certain the “ahhhh mooshy feeling” will wear off rather quickly once the “terrible 2’s & 3’s” commence, I will just enjoy this free range toddler as he is!levi 3mths

In his less than 2 years in our family Levi has developed such an amazing personality! He’s a little bit of all the others rolled into one. He’s a little cuddly and caring, a little stubborn and impatient, a bit obnoxious and cheeky. He’s a clown and loves a laugh, he’s creative (just check out the murals on my walls….) and he’s full of energy and life.Β  He fits in perfectly at the end of the pecking order πŸ™‚

Levi’s most favourite things include tractors, trucks, helicopters & basically anything that has wheels. He has discovered his big brothers Lego and loves to build and build. He’s an avid Toy Story fan, well Buzz Lightyear that is, even though he has never sat down long enough to see more than 5 minutes of the movie!! He’s the only one of the squad that has an attatchment to one particular toy and have mercy on us if we forget to bring the precious dragon on holidays….

Levi is our little monster, of the cutest variety of course…. πŸ™‚xmas levi


Introducing Monster Number 4……

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The great chicken wrestler..Today I’d like to introduce you all to the 4th member of our Monster Squad, little Veruca Rani….

Now before you go jumping to conclusions and getting in a flap I would like to say that Yes, I am aware of what her name means and No, it’s not after a great love of Willy Wonka.

Veruca was born in November 2006 at the Ballarat Base Hospital. She was yet another cesarean delivery, but all was well and she weighed a healthy 7lb.

Now about her name…. During my teenage years i developed a healthy obsession with Rock music. One of my all time favourite bands is Veruca Salt (yes they got their name from Willy Wonka), none the less, i wanted my musical past to be a part of my familie’s future so we decided to call her Veruca (and yes she is a spoilt brat). On her Birth announcements we wrote :

Veruca: A Born Entertainer, Rani: A queen….. Couldn’t have given a more appropriate description if we wanted too !!! So thats what her name means to us, and thats all that really matters.

Veruca is the comedian of our family, not a day goes by where I am not reduced into fits of hysterical laughter with this child. What more can I say than “She cracks me up”. Her vibrant personality has won many over, family and friends alike. She’s the only 4 year old I know that has met her soul mate and is deeply in love…. LOL

When she’s not being a clown, she’s busy being a friend to all creatures great and small, thus why she has been given the nickname of Dr Doolittle…. It is far from uncommon to see Veruca pushing around a cat in a dolls pram, running a dog ragged for hours on end or out in the yard discovering bugs and insects alike.Rockin Veruca

I must be fair and admit that while little miss Veruca is a laugh a minute, she has had 3 very experienced and qualified teachers in the great art of MENACING!!! Yes that right, this little cracker can give all of her other siblings a run for their money.Β  A Rat Bag extraordinaire… Lucky she’s just so damn loveable!!!

So thats Veruca, rough, tough and super funny. πŸ™‚

Veruca and chilli


Monster number 3…. The real monster??? February 27, 2011

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Exactly 12months and 2 weeks after our double trouble bundle arrived we welcomed into the world another precious “Surprise”…

Introducing….. Zafirah Odette. Healthy baby Girl, born May 2005.Β  7lb 6oz.

Alot can be said about our dear little Zaf. It really is quite a challenge to work out where to start. Nagging Zaf

Ok, If we needed a picture to place along side a definition of “Middle Child Syndrome” , She’s your girl. She’s loud, she’s obnoxious, she’s always in your face. Zafirah has to be the centre of attention…. all of the time…… But thats the way we love her. πŸ™‚

Zaf-anna MontannaNow dont go thinking I am all harsh on this one. Zaf is Miss Popularity. She has more close friends than any other girl her age, adults and children alike. While she spends most of her time being the menace of my world, she impressing the socks of everyone else we know. Bless her preciousness!!!

Have you ever seen that movie ‘Cheaper by the dozen’ ? Take note of the girl called Sarah Baker. It’s Zaf to a tee!! Infact we have often joked around with her and called her this in which she has replied.. “yep, looks a bit like me too”Β  OMG!!!

Zafirah’s talents lie in the acting arena and she cant be any happier than when she’s prancing about on a stage, putting on fake accents and creating dramatic masterpieces…. all at age 5…. She’s recently taken up dancing classes and is loving every second of it!!!

So our middle child can be a ratbag….. but when she’s not instigating nonsense she’s busy helping me with the cooking, washing and dishes. She also enjoys helping her younger brother explore his surroundings and has personally taught him the skills of perfect door slamming. Ahhh Yes, another high maintenance GIRL…. But arnt we all?

Happy ZafI think it’s safe to say that Miss Zafirah Odette is the life of our house. It would be a very boring and mundane existence without her. She makes us smile day in and day out….. πŸ™‚Sleepy me and zafKinder Zaf


Introducing MONSTER number 2!!!

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Monster Number 2 Aria

Introducing my Monster Number 2…Β  Aria Monique.

Aria was born in May 2004 at the Ballart Base Hospital. She’s the second monster in our squad missing the title position by a whole 3 minutes. Yes she is a TWIN!

Aria was born by cesarean section and weighed a healthy 7lb 3/4oz.Β  She looked so much bigger than her brother Jai, but really…. he was just a weeny beeny πŸ™‚

Aria's Big Smile 10weeks old. Aria is a headstrong little character who always knows what she wants and usually has a decent plan to get it. She can be placid and easy going but more often than not shes your typical high maintenance ‘GIRL’… or “stinky pink” as Jai calls his sisters…

It’s not uncommon to find Aria with her head in a book or creating pictures and artworks. She has developed a love of craft from an early age and excels in both reading / writing and the arts.

During her first year of Primary School she wrote and recorded her own song “I like Ponies & Horses”. Totally rocked!!! LOLΒ  πŸ™‚Β  She seems to have developed an obsession with horses and has started pony riding lessons each week. When we get spare time Aria and I enjoy Scrapbooking together! Aria riding MagsAria 2009

Occasionally I may refer to Aria as Bug, Buglet, Buggle or in moments of utter disbelief, high maintenance and complete frustration….. Paris.

Nicknames she has aquired along the way…..


Monster Number 1…

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Monster Number 1Introducing My first little MONSTER…. This is Jai Phoenix.

While it appears he is all there I really must mention that the other part of him is Monster number 2… Yes, thats right Jai is a TWIN!

Jai was born in May 2004 by cesarean section in the Ballart Base Hospital. He was yoinked out 3 minutes before his sister and will lay claim to being the oldest sibling of the squad.

He was a delightful little baby, only 5lb 15oz at birth but quickly caught up to his giant sister Aria who weighed in at 7lb 3/4 oz.Β  πŸ™‚ (She’ll love me for that one in years to come…).

Jai is our patient all rounder. He is calm, understanding, caring and easy to get along with. He fires up when needed – always provoked by his sisters – but is generally a peaceful little person.

Whilst Jai is a twin, we have always been determined to raise our babies as individuals. This has paid off wonderfully as he has developed his own special personality, unlike any of the others, and is not afraid to use it.

In saying that, I should also mention that Jai and his twin sister Aria are still to this day, thick as thieves. They are comfortable apart but inseperable at times often speaking for each other and predicting each others thoughts…. Definately a force to be reckoned with when teamed up!!

Our favourite past time is building lego creations together.Β  I am definately looking forward to this mansion of a house he intends building me when he’s “Bigger”…. all this Lego building must pay off somewhere… right???Jac & Jai 3mths old