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We’re moving to our own domain! May 4, 2011

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Hi Readers!

I know some of you have been hanging on a post from Common Chaos Chronicle probably as much as I have.

But good things come to those who wait and the wait has been worth it!!!

Over the last month or so I have been busy drawing and designing a new look for my blog. With some massive help on the whole setting it up side, (big big thanks for that) I can finally say it’s ready to rock!

So follow us over to and let us know what you think.


See You there!

P.S. If you have bookmarked this page please remember to bookmark the new site! πŸ™‚


Sanity Savers 2. April 16, 2011

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β€œA true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though you are slightly cracked.” πŸ™‚

A dear friend of mine.

When in a rut, flustered and at your wit’s end, call a friend. Organise a playdate and a cuppa.

I have been guilty of avoiding situations like this in the past as I have told myself stupid things like:

* My house is too messy to have people over

* No one would want to listen to me whinge

* The kids are off the planet, I can’t take them anywhere

* etc etc etc….

The truth is we are often all in the very same boat.

Your dear friends could be sitting there hoping for a distraction from their own chaos. So pick up that PHONE!!!

Even an hour of decent adult conversation can be enough to get you through a long and draining day! And if your dear friend has children, your kids are likely to leave you to it and go and play!

Give it a try!

So true!



Sanity Savers 1.

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My blog.....

My most obvious SANITY SAVER recently has been my blog.Β 

It has allowed me to free my mind each day and in doing that I have found I am much much more capable of dealing with the ‘not so fun’ times that my family have to offer me.

I started my blog using WordPress. It’s free and anyone can join up and start blogging straight away.

There are several other blog sites that also host free blogs. A moment on google (type in free blog sites or something like that), will have you headed in the right direction. Then the choice is yours.

If blogging is not your thing, grab yourself a little notebook and pen. At the end of each day write down something about your day. What you loved, what didn’t work, whatever you have circling you mind.

You’ll be amazed how refreshed you feel after a few nights of uncluttered sleep πŸ™‚


Sanity Savers!

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Welcome to my new category ‘SANITY SAVERS’.

My mind feels like this pic sometimes!!!

The idea behind this section of the blog is to provide quick posts with ideas that can help save your sanity in times of desperation and utter disbelief.

We all have these moments,

and there used to be a time that I would feel like sitting in the corner shaking to block out the menacing children, the latest massive bill, the mess in a room that looked like we had been robbed.

It’s all about things that you can do to preserve your sanity πŸ™‚

Especially helpful during the school holidays!

So enjoy!


Our biggest Monster!!! April 7, 2011

Baby Aria, Brian, Mackenzi & Baby Jai

For those of you that pay real close attention, on my very first post I introduced myself as a mother of 5 + 1.

You all know that I have 5 kiddies of my own, but I am also Step-Mummy to my very awesome step-daughter, Mackenzi Paula.

Mackenzi was born in February 2001 at the Wodonga Hospital in Northern Victoria. My husband Brian welcomed his first child with open arms before having to return to work in another state.

Mackenzi's Kinder Photo

I first met Miss Mack when Brian and I became a couple during 2003.

She was such a vibrant and confident toddler, constantly wooing us with new and exciting things. To be perfectly honest, nothing has changed.

is headstrong and isn’t afraid to talk up and tell us what she wants or needs. She oozes confidence and enjoys

Mack 'n' Me

taking the lead in many different scenarios.

She has a great influence over our other children, teaching them new things and always giving them support and care when they need it.

It has been a long and sometimes tough road developing a strong bond with Mackenzi.

The distance between our families has made a hard job even harder but I am proud to say that we have come through the battle, guns blazing and Mackenzi and I have a fantastic relationship today.

Mackenzi & Brian

When we buddy up we love to spend our time scrapbooking. A craft I introduced to an eager Mack at a younger age, that she still enjoys today.

We also enjoy discussing the finer points of the music industry,Β  me stirring her up about Justin Bieber and her stirring me up about Daniel Johns (silverchair). It’s always good for a laugh. πŸ™‚

Macks 10th Birthday!

Even though Mack is a million miles away (well approx 500kms) she is very much a part of our daily lives.

We love it when she visits, we miss her like mad when she’s away.





The Winter Wardrobe Makeover – Part 1! April 1, 2011

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Aghmmmm….. (clear’s throat…)

I am a clothes-a-holic! I love them. I love them for me, I love them for the kids, I love them for the hubby, hey I even love them for my mum. I can’t help it, I’ve tried to kick the addiction and it is impossible. I must buy clothes!!! Hahahaha πŸ™‚

Over the last 2 years I have behaved myself quite well. I have used my noggin and bargain shopped when needed, recycled outfits and passed on hand me downs.

But for a clothes addict like myself, seeing the same outfits come through the wash time and time again, for this amount of time was just plain PAINFUL!!!!! Something had to be done.

My new purple beads.

So I decided that it was time to revamp our winter clothes. I think it’s fair to say that the clothes we have now have seen their day, given us good mileage and most probably could do with a rest…..

Some of the girls clothes have been around since Aria was a weeny beeny, survived Zafirah’s messy antics and have simply been outgrown by little miss Veruca.

So with a minimal budget I set off to find some bargains and get us back into a fresh new look wardrobe for the cooler seasons.

First stop: The local op-shops.

You’ll be amazed at what you will find in these fantastic places. Keeping in mind that I only purchase things that are in top condition and relatively current in the fashion stakes. After a morning of scrumaging through racks and racks of clothes I had come out with 3 or 4 bags full of excellent quality clothing, all for around $30.00 πŸ™‚ BARGAIN!!!

Some of our BARGAINS!

Some of the items were:

* A new pair of Jeans for Brian.

* A Fred Bare designer denim dress & pink top for Veruca.

* Toy Story Winter Pyjamas for Levi.

*Brand new Pink ruffle top (still available in target) for Zafirah.

*Pumpkin Patch beanies.

and a Paul Frank Wallet for me – cost me $0.50. πŸ™‚

Rito, Next stop…. K-Mart.

Well I must say I was fairly impressed with the prices in Kmart. It’s been a while since we’ve been shopping there and we noticed a massive difference in the clothing prices instantly. The girls clothes were pretty and I thought they had enough variety. I was also really happy with their shoe prices.

Some of the girls clothes!

Our kids go through shoes like crazy so when I pay as little as $8.00 for a pair I really don’t care if they only last 6 months. I was especially impressed with the school shoes I picked up for Jai for a minimal $2.50. Now that’s what I call budget shopping!

So I loaded the trolley up with an outfit for each of the girls with a few extras like leggings, a dress, 3/4 pants, a ballet leotard & jumper and a pair of shoes each. I also snuck in a beautiful top, a pair of trackies and 2 singlet tops for me. Jai got a look in with a cool green top aswell.

Dreading the checkout Brian reluctantly piled the items on the counter only to be surprised with the somewhat minimal final value. All of that for well under $200.00. More money well spent! πŸ™‚

Pit Stop 3 – Sale Racks!!!

Ok, so Autograph had some sale racks out the front or their store. After some more rummaging I came out with a pair of cargo pants, a dress for me, a dress for mum, a beautiful pyjama set and some awesome beads.

Yep… That sounds expensive… Let me add up the tags….. Ok the tags add up to a total of …. $289.95 OMG. What did I pay for these gorgeous items???? A measly $49.95!!! WOOT WOOT!! That’s a massive saving of $240.00. πŸ™‚

So after my excitement about the new clothes, we stopped the shopping briefly for some lunch before we headed over to Big W.

Stop #4 – Big W

Jai and Levi's Stuff!

I must say I was most disappointed in the clothes and shoes at Big W. It certainly wasn’t what it used to be. I did however find a great bra for under $20.00, some decent jocks for Jai and Brian found a nice T-shirt for $10.

Jai and Levi also got a pretty awesome t-shirt each aswell. Can’t complain too bad I suppose after the massive savings in the last shop! I’d mainly recommend Big W for essentials like underwear when you’re clothes shopping.

Stop #5 – The Surf/Skate Shop

Along with my clothing addiction comes the dangerous shoe fetish. My all time favourite shoes would have to be skate runners though. I cannot find anything that even comes close to the comfort of these type of shoes and let me tell you, it has been a good 6 years since I have owned a pair. So I entered the store and headed straight to the back wall. Skate shoe heaven…. πŸ™‚

Oh Skate Shoes... I Love you!!!!

I chose out a pair I fancied and they even had my size in stock!!! (I have tiny feet, don’t tell anyone…..) Ahhhh Bliss. So much to the hubby’s disgust I graciously parted with my $70.00 knowing that these shoes would be like a new member of my family… and I was pleased as punch Id chosen the ones reduced from $110.00. Nice… another saving of $40.00.

Stop #6 – The Optus Shop.

While we were out Brian wanted to pop into the mobile phone shop and find out when our contracts expired so we could update our old phones. Turns out we were eligible for an early upgrade and for the grand cost of $0.00…. we both walked out of the store with our new iPhone 4’s….. πŸ™‚ Super happy dance!

Awesome iPhone 4.

Last stop – Target.

I love Target. They’re fantastic for their sale racks and reduced items. Today Brian found himself a pair of slip on shoes for $12!!! We also got Jai a couple of pairs of shoes for $10.00 each. YEY!!!

So that was the end of my shopping expedition to update our winter wardrobes. I had spent a day in shopping heaven and loved every minute of it.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

In the next few days I will be going through each wardrobe in the house, organising outfits and essentials and culling a whole heap of worn out clothes. πŸ™‚


Keeping up with the Jones’ March 31, 2011

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Ahhhh 10 years ago I was used to pollution, smog and neighbors that were so close that we could hear everything. And yes, I mean everything. The hustle and bustle of suburban life in Melbourne was very much the norm for me.

Then it happened. Mum and Dad moved out of home and left me to fend for myself in the big smoke. They totally screwed up my grand plans of moving out of home and making my mark on the world out there. How Freaking RUDE!!!

Anyway, Dad had retired and mum wanted to move back to the country where she had grown up. So off they went on their retirement adventure. I got in the car one weekend and drove the 3 long hours to visit them.

Big difference to melbourne.... Our cosy little town....

I fell in love with this pretty little place.The streets were so wide, the houses had backyards, people in the street said ‘hello’ even though they had no idea who I was.

I was so keen on it I stopped in at the real estates to check out some houses…. Living here would be like a relaxing holiday compared to Melbourne.

Then I found my home….. It was instant in my mind what I had to do. Transfer from my job in Melbourne, buy this cute little house and enjoy the holiday….. Ahhhh the serenity……

Now back to reality…..

What I hadn’t counted on was the severe culture shock that was about to hit me…. hard.

Everything seemed to go slower in the country and it drove me nuts. I couldn’t buy anything that I wanted or needed here. People weren’t friendly at all. They were clicky, and not excited about welcoming a newcomer into their social groups. I felt like the worlds biggest outcast. Something had to give….

Yep you guessed it….. my hips, my back, even the elasticity in my skin. I met Brian and had kids. πŸ™‚

The Monster Squad....

Having children in a small country town is the perfect friend magnet. All of a sudden you become approachable for a reason. You get put into social groups with others that understand what you’re going through and that are actually interested in your existence.

Through these groups I have met some amazing women and their families. Thanks to my children and their activities I have met even more of these women, that have turned into life long friends… Ladies you know who you are!!

But here comes the downside….

In Melbourne you are anonymous. In the country EVERYONE knows you.

You can’t fart without someone gossiping about it. You can’t shop without people gawking at you. You most certainly can’t buy a pregnancy test in peace, that I can assure you.

There is definitely a stigma around what you look like, which part of town you live in, what kind of car you drive and what clothes you wear. Then it moves on to who you are friends with, what sports you play, where you work…. the list goes on.

So for the best part of 4 years I tried to play the game for fear of being left with no friends again. It’s not easy keeping up with the jones’ and it has been a long road to finding ‘ME’ again.

We went through many a tough time with unemployment, financial worries, expanding the family, death of relatives etc all whilst we put on a brave face, faking our way through social situations like we were on top of the world.

Then enough was enough.

I couldn’t do it anymore, it was causing more damage than it was worth and it had to stop. So began the long journey of recovery. An acceptance of who we are, where we are and what we want from life.

I am pleased to say I am well on the other side of it all now and my confidence is booming.Β  I don’t need the

Its ME!!!

acceptance of some 2 bob snob to make me feel like I belong. I am happy with the life we have created for ourselves, stranger’s looks of amazement when we’re all out together will no longer bring on the sweats and I couldn’t care less what street we live in, what car we drive or what shop I buy my kids clothes from.

I am happy, my family are happy and we are loving life right now!

Thank-you to the little birdy that informed me of some truths. Thank-you to the lady that was so desperately fake it prompted me to write this post and Thank-you to my dear dear friends that couldn’t give a bugger about anything other than being my friend.

We are who we are.

No amount of faking can change that.

Life’s lesson learned.Β  πŸ™‚