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So.. We’re having Twins….. March 20, 2011

So here we were, 20 weeks into a pregnancy, totally unaware of the fact we were about to gain an instant family. After we left the

The day before I had the Twins. 37.4 weeks....

ultrasound and shared the news of our twins with family, we really had to take a moment to make sense of what had just happened. It definitely took a few weeks for everything to seem real.


And real it was. We had appointments here, there and everywhere. And the appointments were a lot more frequent than the usual ones. We also got told that I wouldn’t be allowed to give birth to my twins in our own town. Our hospital just wasn’t equipped for it so we would have to travel 100kms to have them. Very frightening stuff for a first time mummy.

At 28 weeks we had to have another scan done to check that the babies were growing properly. It was at this scan that we found out that Twin A was a boy and Twin B was a girl. We couldn’t have been happier. Another bonus in having to have all these scans done was that the sonographers were able to give us an approximate size for each baby. We knew at this stage that they weren’t going to be

Twin belly 30 weeks in...

tiny bubs ๐Ÿ™‚


I started to grow…. and by grow I mean huge. It felt like I tripled in size overnight. I was in agony by 30 weeks and had pain just about everywhere. The weight of my tummy seemed huge and I was totally unbalanced. It didn’t just look like I swallowed a basketball, It looked more like I’d eaten a giant fitball. And these babies were thriving….

2 of everything..... ๐Ÿ™‚


I felt useless. I could hardly bend. It hurt to walk. My family banned me from doing anything interesting and took over decorating the nursery for me. I was getting desperate. By week 32 I started begging my obstertritian to get these babies out!!! (Rest assured he did just laugh at me and told me to dream on). It was like this pregnancy was never going to end.

Since I could basically do next to nothing due to the pain I was in, I developed my keen interest in scrap booking and crafts etc and the days that werent spent 100kms from home in a doctor’s office were spent creating….. creating a pregnancy journal, a giant nappy bag, covers for the bassinettes and so on…


The giant nappy bag I made.

When I ask my hubby what he remembers from this time he says…. Hip rubs, Physio, Whinging, More hip rubs, Appointments, Spending money, More whinging…. Well I guess I may have been a little difficult to deal with ๐Ÿ™‚ Mind you, I think it’s fair to mention that my tummy was so huge by this stage that I could rest my back on the inside of a standard doorway and my tummy would be touching the other side of it.


At around 34 weeks we held a baby shower. It was fantastic. It allowed me to get excited about having these bubs. The games were fun, the pressies were much appreciated and it gave me the opportunity to catch up with a lot of people.

After the baby shower I decided that I was ready to give birth. Only problem was, the twins definitely were NOT!!! They would do full turns inside me and the pain would reduce me to tears yet they werent even close to coming out. My appointments were weekly by now and I would beg that poor doctor to cut them out. Every week he would tell me the same thing…. just one more week….. I wasn’t sure I could cope with “just one more week” and I said to the man, “If you don’t get these kids out I will do something stupid”. He still didn’t take me seriously.

So I got on the raspberry leaf tea. Nothing. Drove up and down the bumpiest dirt road we could find. Nothing. I walked as far as I possibly could. Nothing but more pain. Arghhhh these babies werent budging!!! At my 37 week check up, he finally relented and said he would induce me if they hadn’t arrived by next week. I was to report to the hospital at 6am the following Monday if he hadn’t seen me first. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally and end was near. Sunday night came and still no babies so we prepared for the very early morning drive to the hospital. I was scared out of my mind. I had no idea what to expect or what I was in for, all I was sure of was that I wanted them out!

Instant armful....


They hooked me up to a heap of different monitors and set up the epidural drip incase a cesarean was required. They broke my waters and started to induce me mid morning and I was 4cm’s dilated when everything just seemed to stop. Nothing seemed to progress all day and they grew concerned for the twins so they decided a c-section would be the best solution.

Late that night I became a mum.

Jai Phoenix – 5lb 15oz – Boy

Aria Monique – 7lb 3/4oz – Girl

Ahhhh, the twin pregnancy was over and the next chapter had begun….



Excuse me?? Did you just say….. TWINS?

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Ahhh, young and in love, “Let’s start a family” I say.

So we decided to try. After 8 months of trying and failing miserably, I sought help from a doctor. “Why isn’t it happening?’, “What’s wrong with us?”… “We’ll have to complete some test’s” she said.

So off we went, down in the dumps, with our test slips and a card for our next appointment time in a few weeks. The wait for the results was agonising. I was so stressed and worried that something would be terribly wrong, that I made myself sick…. or so I thought.

After a week of vomiting, headaches and the constant desire to sleep, I realised that according to my dates, I

Look, 2 lines !!!

should be right to complete a regular at home pregnancy test. So there I sat in my mother’s bathroom, pregnancy test in hand, tears running down my face and a lump in my throat. There before my eyes was a very positive pregnancy test. ๐Ÿ™‚

I came out of the bathroom and announced to Brian and my family that I most certainly didn’t have food poisoning or a bad case of gastro. I did in fact have a baby inside me!!!ย  I was on top of the world…. For about half an hour. Then I really needed to sleep again.

We went to our follow-up appointment, and let the doctor sit there and tell us that our test results came back perfectly normal, that there was no obvious reasons for us to not conceive. We answered with “Yes we know, we’re pregnant”. Such a happy moment ๐Ÿ™‚

We were booked in to have an ultrasound scan the following week. Nothing could compare to the feeling of seeing our baby’s heartbeat on the screen. The sonographer also confirmed that our baby was 7.5 weeks gestation and was looking perfect for that time.

The next several weeks of my pregnancy are a blur to me. I had to take holidays from work as I was so very very ill that I could not get out of bed, or hold any food down at all. I couldn’t even sip water and not throw it back up. I felt like death and was so weak I could not even stand up. A trip to the doctors revealed that I was severely dehydrated, and the only cure would be a stint in hospital on the drip. A week later I felt like a million dollars and came home ready to work again. Unfortunately it didn’t last long though and I ended up back in the hospital. No matter how much I tried to keep my fluids up, I would just be sick.

The doctors reviewed our first scan and decided that I had a condition called Hyperemesis gravidarum and that I must just be having a large baby due to the slight increase in pregnancy hormone levels. I became a regular at the hospital, having regular stays until around 18 weeks.

During my hospital stay in my 16th week of pregnancy one of the nurses noticed I was upset and put the doppler thing on my tummy to let me hear the baby’s heartbeat. We had a great laugh chasing around this erratic heartbeat inside of me. It was all over the place, faster then slower and never in the one place for very long. She asked me if I was having twins but I assured her the doctors confirmed that it was just one baby with my first ultrasound…..

Week 20 came around and I was just starting to feel like I could resume some kind of normal existence. My tummy was growing, and I was finally feeling pregnant. We were booked in for our 20 week measurement ultrasound and I was so excited and scared to see this bub that had caused me such grief.

The night before our scan I had a little pregnancy meltdown. I was irrational, hysterical and convinced I would make a lousy mother. I didn’t know how I was going to cope with this little person that had done nothing but make me spew for the last 20 weeks. I was a mess. Hours later Brian had done his best to convince me that I would be just fine, born to be a mother…..

The top of our twins heads.

The next morning we nervously went for the scan, Brian, myselfย  and my younger brother. I laid there on the ultrasound table, belly being poked and prodded for over 40 mins with not so much as a single word out of the sonographer. I glanced over at Brian, he too looked worried and gave a confused look at my brother. I was starting to panic. What was wrong with this giant baby I was having? I was looking at this grey blur on the screens and my heart was racing.

All of a sudden, the sonographer speaks up. “So” he say’s, “Do twins run in your family?”…..

Now in my promise of being completely honest I must warn you that there were some rather choice words said next…..

I flew up off the table, gel covered pregnant belly going everywhere, Brian let out something along the lines of “Get f@*Ked, no f@*king way” and my beloved brother turned to Brian and said “Good One Brian”…… ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmmmm, nope, wasn’t expecting that one…..

I did resume my position on the table so as he could show us our babies, point out their heads and legs etc and reassure me that there were 2 healthy little heartbeats in there…

Baby 1

In the fluster and excitement we totally forgot to ask if he could tell the sexes of our twins. That would have to wait as we first had to go home and explain to our families that they were going to be grandparents not only once but twice…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding out that we were expecting twins at 20 weeks came as quite a shock. Especially when the doctors started warning us that twin pregnancies are often very much shorter than your average single pregnancy. How on earth were we going to be organised in time?

Everything seemed to make much more sense now though.

Erratic heartbeats….hmmm cos there were 2.

Baby 2

So very very sick all the time…. increase in pregnancy hormones.

Measuring slightly bigger than normal…… cos it wasnt just a giant baby.

The list goes on.

So although we didnt know it, we had made it through the first half of a twin pregnancy.

And it was only just the begining….


Double trouble or Twice as Nice?

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Aria in the white, Jai in the Green.

Throughout the last 7 odd years I have been asked many many questions about having twins. I do suppose they are quite a novelty and not everyone has the opportunity to pop 2 gifts out of the one long pregnancy,ย  but like most other mothers expecting twins for the first time I had no idea of what i was in store for.

During my twin pregnancy I found helpful information very rare. I could find diagrams on twins in utero and I found minimal chapters in every second pregnancy book about the difference between identical and non identical twins.

What I really wanted was something realistic, something that could tell me exactly what to expect, how organised I would have to be, what products I needed and what things would be a waste of money. I wanted the honest truth and found it rather difficult to find.

So my aim here is to provide you with my story of having twins. I promise not to fluff it up, over exaggerate or baffle you with bulls@*t, as I am sure many others have.ย  If I raise a sense of relief and reassurance in just one twin mummy, I have had success. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned for future posts on my twin pregnancy and more.