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Easter Innocence – A little giggle! April 27, 2011

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Veruca at the egg hunt!

Over the course of this past Easter we may have used the old easter bunny as a threat a couple of times….

I mean there’s nothing quite like keeping children on edge thinking they could be busted for their nonsense behavior any second of the day…..

So one day there, close to my wit’s end from the building excitement of the bunny’s impending visit, I may have made the suggestion that “Dad saw something white and fluffy hopping in the backyard”……

Before we knew it the 6 kids were on the hunt for what could only be the super fluffy easter bunny!

Now I am certain most children would have looked at me funny and told me the rabbit was not in our yard, but with the wild imaginations of this bunch we had lures and bunny traps set up in no time.

I kid you not, these children were on a mission to trap the bunny and negotiate the early transaction of chocolate.

Out of the fridge went my fresh lettuce, out of the cupboard went a good bowl, as did a few washing baskets from the laundry…

I am kicking myself for not taking photos of the children building their bunny traps, the pics would have been priceless in years to come.  I did however get woken up the following morning by one rather excited Veruca.

I missed recording her first explanation of what had happened in the yard overnight, but was quick enough to grab my phone and record her on her second attempt.

This footage gives me a great giggle every time I watch it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Happy Easter Everybunny!!! April 21, 2011

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Happy Easter!

Easter could possibly be the celebration of the year I get least excited about.

Dont get me wrong I do like it, but in comparison to say Christmas Day or Mother’s day it really doesn’t rate!

Easter really has just become a commercial excuse to down millions of chocolate eggs without guilt…

Sounds shocking but it is true.

I must admit though, I cannot let an occasion slip by without enjoying the excitement the children bring with it.

So on Sunday morning I will put aside my distaste for overloading children with excess sugars, and enjoy their excitement as they discover their Easter Bunny Treats!!!!

What I am concerned about more than anything this year is the excessive price tag that traders and companies put on their eggs.

They know our kids want them.

Easter Eggs!

They know we’re going to buy them.

Arghhh, I would much rather spend $15 on a toy for each child and give them a block of chocolate for the occasion, however I don’t think just the block would cut it!

What to do what to do…… 🙂

I will go out and buy some Easter eggs, but I will not be going overboard.

Support this cause!!!!

I’m going to put a massive focus on tomorrow’s Royal Children’s Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal, and ask the kids to donate their piggy bank savings to the cause.

Now that is money well spent!!!

I’ve added a link here to their webpage.  Please check it out and donate if you can!

Give that they may Grow!!!!!

Wishing you all Safe and Happy Easter.

If you are travelling, stay safe on the roads, enjoy your family time and most of all…….

Have a basket load of FUN!!!!! 🙂