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Long Weekend = A Mini Monday Makeover!!! March 15, 2011

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With this past weekend being a 3 day long weekend, I decided it was time to give the house a total once over, and complete one of the quicker tasks my D-I-Y list! Yes, there is a list…. heheheheheh 🙂

Now I know that doesn’t sound very exciting when compared to say a weekend getaway to the beach, a shopping adventure or family fun day out and about, but it was a fantastic opportunity to get those unfinished jobs that I needed some help with done. So that’s what we did.

Ohh Dear.... What A Mess!!!

All day saturday we focused on cleaning and sorting out our office area. Although its only a very small space, it was a massive job. Mountains of paperwork to sort, loaded bookshelves to move, cords and leads for the computer and its  accessories to be reconnected after the move around…. A job that I really need my hubby to help with.

So I am now so super happy that it is done and organised. We even managed to allow an area in the room for me to set up a scrapbooking table. Ohhhh so many years i have waited to have a permanent area for this purpose.  🙂

On Sunday, I made short work of my ‘Junk Basket’. A washing basket that i would just load up junk that had collected in places all around the house. Nearly everything I had in this basket was no longer needed, didn’t have a place it belonged in the house, or i had completely forgotten about it. So most of it found its way to trailer. I condensed an overflowing basket into a baby wipes container. Another job well done!

So around the major jobs I caught up on all the regular housework jobs that needed doing aswell. Phew…. Busy busy…

Monday morning came around and it was so very fantastic to not have to bounce straight out of bed and into the school morning routine. Over my morning coffee I explained my DIY project to my husband and asked him to help me with it. So we ventured outside to get started.

This Weeks DIY Project was THE SIDE OF THE SHED.

The Shed - BEFORE!!!


Having such a large family I spend a fair chunk of my day at the clothesline. I do some of my best thinking out there, but the side of the shed has been driving me mad for ages. It was shabby, run down and just an eyesore.

So I came up with a plan inspired by my creative and resourceful dear friend Manda,  to revamp the clothesline side of the shed using things that we had at home already.

This is what I did….

The shed after a coat of paint.



I dug out some fence paint from inside the shed. I used a paintbrush to ‘cut in’ around the edges of the wood strips on the wall. I then used a roller to roll the paint on. This took approximately 45mins. Once dry, I gave it a second coat of paint with the roller.

Ahhhh it was looking better already!

Brian attaching the frame to the shed.

Next I got Brian in to help. I wanted to make a feature with an old offcut of tin and some boards we had left over from another job. So he go to work measuring and cutting, recutting (hahahaha) and putting my feature frame together.

We then used some tech screws to attach it safely to the side of the shed.

Once attached I decorated the frame with Manda’s tin Butterflies that she had made for me a while back. I stuck these on the frame using some blu-tack at first to get the butterflies in the right places, the we used some short screws to secure them properly. And there you go. A quick and cheap revamp of my clothesline area.

I hope to find a nice tin butterfly sculpture in the future to attach to the centre of the frame and perhaps one on each side of the frame aswell!!! 🙂

Manda's Butterflies!

The Frame Feature On The Shed.

What’s next for our old tired little shed? I think a coat of dark blue paint on the tin roof and gutters and a set of new doors would be fantastic too!!!



Ahhhh 🙂


DIY – Love it!!!! March 3, 2011

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Staining the new floorboards....

One thing I truely do love doing is home decorating, the old ‘Do-it-yourself’ revamp. It doesnt seem to bother me what i am revamping, wether it be a wall, a cupboard or the dining room chairs, I enjoy them all the same.

My most recent DIY projects have included a set of drawers for in Aria’s bedroom, and what I call my “Organisation Station” in the dining room. Both pieces of furniture were purchased rather cheaply from our local Op-Shop / Charity shop and after a light sand down and a few quick coats of paint, both items have come up a treat, co-ordinate with the rooms they are in and cost me next to nothing. 🙂

I think the hardest thing for me, is to decide what task I will do, and actually

A set of drawers I painted to match the purple feature wall.

finish doing it. Smaller projects are fantastic because I can see instant results. Projects that take place over several days often get left half done as the time constraints of my large family take over.

Whenever I am starting a new project, these are a few of the things that I must first consider:


* How much free time do I have to complete the task?

* Is it something I can do whilst the children are around?

* Do I have the required equipment, tools & supplies to complete the task available?

* Will I have to purchase anything and is it within this weeks budget?

* Do I need a helper to lift heavy or awkward items?

So today I am considering what my next DIY project might be.

I have some fabric put aside to cover some foam chairs in Aria’s room, I have great plans involving painting a massive wall unit, but I think more importantly I should probably focus on finishing a long list of half done projects….

Hmmm perhaps I should finish painting the shed….


A quick splash of paint in the bathroom gave it a fresh look until we can afford major renovations!