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The Daily Dirt – 18th & 19th/04/11 April 20, 2011

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Monday 18th April 2011

What a disaster today was!

It all started nice and cozy when I awoke to find all 6 children snuggled in front of cartoons and treated myself to a little lay-in in bed.

By lay-in I mean I was still awake (have just had to accept that sleep-ins are a thing of the past), but all rugged up nicely in bed listening to the PEACE!!! 🙂

Now lets just say… I SHOULD”VE STAYED THERE!

It was around 9am when the kids started coming up and asking for breakfast so I crawled out of bed and  into the kitchen to discover that we had completely run out of milk!! Arghhh…. What a pain!

So expecting relatives for a visit any minute I decided that we had to quickly rush to get some milk before they arrived.

As I flung open the door and stepped down on the steps towards the car, I lost my footing on some dry slippery dirt on the step. You can only guess what happened next….. THUD!

Yep, I fell. And I fell hard.

Bye bye my favourite jeans....

As I hit the ground I managed to bounce off the gas meter and the mower that were sitting there aswell.

The shock of the fall saw me bouncing straight back up and into the house, but within a few steps back in the door I had collapsed in pain on the dining room floor.

Oh the agony!!

The kids were freaking out, but did a fantastic job of calming me down and reassuring me I’d be ok…. LOL they were so cute working together to make me feel better. 🙂

After a few minutes of sulking and shaking, I stood up to discover a rather swollen and bruised hand, sore back and shoulders, blurred vision & sore head, and an extremely sore bottom!!!

When my mum arrived to check I was ok, she kindly pointed out the back of my pants.

I had become so engulfed in pain I was completely unaware there was a rather large tear in the back of my pants….. and knickers….. and me….. OUCH!!!!

Now I don’t know what I was upset about more…. the fact that I could hardly stand up or the fact that my most comfortable and favourite jeans were on their way to jeany heaven as I sobbed…. Very Very tragic I know….

Just one of my injuries....

So there you have it, that my friends is why there was very limited blogging done on monday…. I simply couldn’t sit down!!!! 😦

Those of you that know me well will be having a fair chuckle to yourselves as you are well aware of my “Most clumsy person ever” title and my ability to fall over thin air, and for those of you that don’t know me personally, you have just been warned.

This will surely be the beginning of many fits of laughter you may have at my regular misfortunes….. I am rather good at it.

Tuesday 19th April 2011

On the mend from my death-defying dive into the dirt yesterday,  I got the children up and organised early as we had a few things on today.

I for one had an appointment out-of-town, so I had organised day care for Levi and sent Jai, Aria & Zafirah to Vacation Care.

That left me with Veruca and Mackenzi to juggle which was totally easy in comparison to having the full tribe with me. I didn’t know myself!!!

Knowing that my appointment would take an hour or so, I asked my mum to come along with us to watch the girls whilst I was in doing my thing.

They had a great time in the op-shop, at the playground and chatting to locals that mum knew.

Aria holds up some of my Op-Shop Bargains!!!

After my appointment I decided to do away with the afternoon plans of housework and cleaning and swapped them for a day of op-shopping.

I couldn’t help but lap up the excitement that was booming out of the girls that had just purchased some of their favourite books for only cents…..

So off we went to discover some bargains at very discounted prices.

And that we did.

We came home with bag loads of stuff and big smiles all round. 🙂

An unexpected day out but definitely worth it!


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