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The Daily Dirt – 17/04/11 April 18, 2011

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We woke sunday morning to brilliant sunshine. A perfect day for a ride on a Steam Train.


I had packed our picnic bag the evening before, so all we had to do was get out of bed, get organised and jump in the car by 9am. EASY!

Waiting at the station.

Here it comes! TOOT TOOT!

All Aboard!

Are you ready?

Levi was loving it!!!!

Arrived at Maldon Station!

The Boys up a tree in Maldon.

The Girls in a Tree!

An old train the kids could climb on!

Mackenzi in the play train!

The corridor inside of our carriage! The kids thought we were on Harry Potter's Train!

Brian & Jac aboard the train!

Dr Doolittle at her best! She was hanging out the train window and caught a ladybug. Veruca was more excited about the bug than the train!!! LOL

Harry & Hermione on the train....

"What do you mean it's time to get off???"

Special Mention - The working train DOG!!! Not sure what he did but how awesome was he patrolling the platform!!! Hahahaha

So that was our Steam Train Family Adventure!

If you think it sounds like a bit of fun, Google… VICTORIAN GOLDFIELDS RAILWAY for more information or give them a call on

Telephone: (03) 5470 6658 🙂


3 Responses to “The Daily Dirt – 17/04/11”

  1. Michelle Says:

    That looks awesome. We will definitely have to include this on one of our road trips. We have one Thomas fanatic, and another in training.

    • It was a fantastic day out Michelle! Wasn’t too pricey either. Do some research on when you go and where you go as there are certain times some of the different Steam Train Lines in Victoria run an actual Thomas replica train.
      Your little fanatics would love it!!!
      As for us, we have Thomas & Chuggington fans so we just told our little one it was “Old Puffer Pete”… hehehehe 🙂

  2. kloi-jayd Says:

    loved this jac, but as i am HP obsessed, i had another thought: you mention the kids thought they were on the Harry potter train and referred to aria and jai and as Harry and Hermione… did anyone think of how Sirius turns into a dog at the train station? im showing my geekness here, arent i? xo

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