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Not everyone can lay claim to the ownership of their very own MONSTER SQUAD!!!

The Daily Dirt – 16/04/11 April 16, 2011

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Snuggling with Boots this morning!

This will have to be the quickest Daily Dirt to date. 🙂


I will give you a rundown of my day in dot points!


* Wake, get kids organised and take Aria up the street to buy a present for her friend whose party she was attending.


* Drop Aria off at the party (nothing like being organised is there!!! LOL).


* Come home, juggle fighting Monster Squad.


* Make up a batch of Chicken & Vegie pies.


* Go to the shop to buy food for our picnic tomorrow.


* Prepare food for dinner.


* Supervise children making their own mini pizza’s for dinner.


* Quick tidy up and put washing on while dinner is cooking.


* Eat dinner.


* Take the Monster Squad to the local Footy.

Levi & Aria sitting on the car waiting for the footy to start.


* Run around in 40 different directions after them all.


* Bring them home all tired and worn out.


* Shower the kids and put them to bed.


* Prepare rolls and fruit bags for tomorrows picnic.


* Wash the mountain of dishes left on the sink.


* Complete The Daily Dirt Blog Post.


Well that’s where I am up to now. Soon as I finish this I will be headed straight for the shower then to bed!


I’m certainly tired!


So goodnight for now, another big day ahead for us tomorrow! 🙂

Sad but true.... Zaf in her Adelaide gear!!! Hahaha

Mackenzi enjoying the footy!


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