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Sanity Savers 2. April 16, 2011

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“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though you are slightly cracked.” 🙂

A dear friend of mine.

When in a rut, flustered and at your wit’s end, call a friend. Organise a playdate and a cuppa.

I have been guilty of avoiding situations like this in the past as I have told myself stupid things like:

* My house is too messy to have people over

* No one would want to listen to me whinge

* The kids are off the planet, I can’t take them anywhere

* etc etc etc….

The truth is we are often all in the very same boat.

Your dear friends could be sitting there hoping for a distraction from their own chaos. So pick up that PHONE!!!

Even an hour of decent adult conversation can be enough to get you through a long and draining day! And if your dear friend has children, your kids are likely to leave you to it and go and play!

Give it a try!

So true!



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