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The Daily Dirt – 11/04/11 April 12, 2011

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I’m running a day late on the Dirt as I totally got sidetracked last night…


Yesterday was the first proper day of school holidays and I held little hope in maintaining sanity and getting through the day. To my surprise the kids played fairly well all day, inside and outside and didn’t even really destroy the place. AMAZING!!


I was quite impressed when I popped my head out the back window to see they had used and old piece of MDF wood and the chalk to create a shop sign and entrance near the cubby house. They were even playing in it nicely and taking turns…. WOW!


Now that I have said that though we all know what today will be like….. argh….. LOL 🙂


So while the kiddies played so well yesterday I got stuck into rediscovering my dining room.


I achieved a whole lot more than I expected to, with consideration to the fact that I had all 5 children at home. I purchased an extra

A sneak Peek of things to come....

storage tub for my eBay mountain of stuff and will begin sorting it later on today. Gosh I will be so glad when it is all gone.



I spent my evening working on a design for the blog. Time consuming and confusing but it’s underway.


Not bad for someone who is most certainly NOT a graphic artist, or a computer whizz….


Massive thanks to my friends and family that are helping me along the way 🙂


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