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Monday Motivation #4 April 11, 2011

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Well, I must admit it.

I have totally failed in last weeks Monday Motivation Task.

Outdoor Fun... beats Inside Chaos!

Last week I planned to demolish a massive pile of eBay items that are clogging up an entire corner of our dining room.

Lets just say it didn’t happen. In fact, after cleaning out 2 more wardrobes, it’s safe to say that the pile has grown even bigger…. 😦

Selling on eBay is a little hobby of mine, something I do when I want some extra cash to spend, usually on the children’s clothes.

I sell their unwanted clothes, things that don’t fit anymore or things they don’t like and then purchase them their new bits and pieces.

It’s win/win really.

But I have been a combination of super busy and totally slack and things  just havent been listed. TISK TISK…..

I am facing 3 full on months of birthdays, parties and celebrations so the extra cash could come in handy. Big time. So here’s what I am going to do…..

* Spend one afternoon this week photographing all the items and getting them ready to list.

* Schedule 3 items per evening to all start on the one future date. Not so daunting listing 3 items at a time as opposed to listing 63…..

* Buy some plastic tubs and create an organised selling system so the massive pile up of items can be contained 🙂

eBay, eBay, eBay.... 🙂


So wish me luck. It is the school holidays and I will most definitely be much busier than normal.


Lets hope the weather gives me a few decent days and the Monster Squad can spend some time playing outside… 🙂



3 Responses to “Monday Motivation #4”

  1. Jeff Silvey Says:

    Selling things on eBay seems like a great idea. I’ve just never gotten into it. It seems like a lot of work. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your comment Jeff. I just checked out your blog. It’s fantastic.
      Selling on eBay is time consuming, but often worth it in our case.
      With the 5 kids, it works out much more budget friendly to spend the time listing items, to outweigh the massive costs of clothing the tribe.
      It’s all in the time management…. LOL, which has seriously been lacking of late!!

  2. . Says:

    Hi Jac, I got off my butt last week and listed my items. I felt really good knowing I had done it finally!
    But i know what you mean about the dreaded “ebay pile”.
    Mine seems to grow faster than I can list it!!!
    let me know your user name so i can have a sticky beak

    Kloi-jayd @ Today, I…

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