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The Weekend dirt – 08/04/11 to 10/04/11 April 9, 2011

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The Giant Zucchini at Grandma's House...

The school holidays are upon me and I will now have to divide my time up even more carefully for the next 2 and a half weeks.

No doubt by the time the children resume their normal weekly activities and commitments I will be a raving loony wandering the aisles of the local supermarket shaking and looking for more chocolate to help me wind back down.

Oh how I can see it happening now. 🙂

Zafirah making her bunny ears.

Yesterday went really fast. I spent some of the morning in Zafirah’s class. For the last day of term they had a dress up day so we watched the school Parade then went into her class to make some easter bunny ears for the holidays.

Once I escaped Prepworld, it was grocery shopping time for me. I was already a day behind thanks to my torturous dental experience the day before… 😦

Shopping with Levi and Veruca together is never a great idea but none the less we managed and came home with pretty much everything on the list. I’ll pick up the Safeway odds and ends today.

Cheeky Much???

By the time we got home, unpacked the shopping and had some lunch it was time to head back to school for their early dismissal at 1.30pm. Yes the holiday were here.

I wonder who took this picture cos it wasn't me!!!

Realistically I think that the 2 weeks will fly by in no time, especially with a visit from Mackenzi, the easter bunny and a few play dates lined up aswell.

It’s just the thought of the unorganised chaos that happened after 6 weeks of summer holidays that scares me!

This weekend will be dedicated to an all over house tidy up. The last few weeks have been so busy and things have slid a little bit so whilst Brian has a full weekend off work, I will make the most of having a helper around and get things back up to scratch before I’m left to fight the masses on Monday alone!!!! 🙂

Jai busy with his Lego.

So for now I should get back to it.

First job on the list will be to conquer the washing pile….

closely followed by the mountain of dishes,

the children’s bedrooms,

and the family lounge-room which resembles a robbery scene from an insurance commercial. JOY…..


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