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The Daily Dirt – 06/04/11 April 6, 2011

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Veruca and I playing with the iPhone4!


Wednesdays are always busy in our house.

I spend just over 2 hours in Jai’s classroom helping out with their reading and discoveries program, which I totally enjoy. I love watching the kids faces light up when they create something new, read a new word or just want to explain their projects to me.

Ohhhh to be in Grade 1 again!!! Hahahahaha 🙂

Jai decided for his discoveries project he would make a snow globe. So far so good, and if we turn it over next week and everything works the way it’s supposed to I will create a “How To…” craft sheet to share.

I can see it being a fantastic project for the coming easter holiday break.

After I had finished at the school I had to do some banking, hang out some washing and prepare lunch for brian as he didn’t take any to work with him.

After lunch it was time to get Veruca ready in her Ballet uniform, take her to her class, pick up the school kids, had some extras over for a quick play, take Zafirah to her ballet lesson & pick her up again, cook dinner, dishes etc etc…..

And there went my day, right before my eyes….again….. 🙂 I swear the days are going faster and faster.

Some great news for today though is that Aria got into jazz dance classes starting next term. Lets just say she’s a little pumped about it all. I’m certain I heard the words “I can’t wait till term 2” about a thousand times over dinner….

Ahhhh I love seeing them this happy. Makes all the miserable parenting moments worthwhile 🙂


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