Common Chaos Chronicle

Not everyone can lay claim to the ownership of their very own MONSTER SQUAD!!!

We’re on Facebook too!!! March 28, 2011

Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog. If my post’s interest you and you’re keen to keep up to date with the

The Monster Squad - Nov 2010

Monster Squad, find us on Facebook and ‘Like’ our page.

Here’s a link directly to our Common Chaos Chronicle Page:

Are you just loving the blog? Why not share it with your Facebook friends?

Here’s how…..

Once you are on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page,

* Highlight the web address on the top of your browser page.

* Press copy.

* Go to your wall as though you were going to update your status.

* Click on ‘link’ and a http/ bar will appear.

* Click in that bar and press Paste.

* Then Click the ‘Attach’ button.

* You can then write a status update with this link.


Hope that helps!

Thanks again to my Family and Friends for their support and constant guidance! You Guys ROCK! xoxox

I look forward to hearing from many new readers aswell in the future!


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