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Quality Time…. March 11, 2011

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Tonight I am going to sit down with a block of chocy and watch a movie with my husband. This is something we rarely ever make the effort to do anymore as there always seems to be something else requiring our attention.

And we all know when I say require, what I really mean is I have a husband that is addicted to gaming and gore filled movies. Neither of which are my ‘thing’. 😉

I can’t stress enough the importance of allowing time to just relax together, especially with the pressures of everyday life with a family. Since the day’s of dating, regular outings and that unknown realm of ‘Alone Time’ are long gone, a fear deep in my belly has began to grow.

I do have moments where I think to myself ….

“Our whole life now revolves around our children and our family environment, What if when the children grow up we don’t even know or like each other anymore??”

Scary stuff.

So I made a promise to myself this New Years, that I would make the effort to do more ‘us things’ and have more ‘us time’.

Honeymoon Fun!

I hope to organise a few dinners out together, maybe even go to the movies. A night away would be lovely at some point and this year, I would like to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. We have missed every one of them so far!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my children to bits, they are my world, but without Brian and I those little cuties wouldn’t be here. No more guilty feelings when we walk out the door and leave them with a sitter. No more “ohhh…. I wonder what they’re doing now”.

Just us. Just quality time. Good night. xo


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