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The Routine Revamp!! March 10, 2011

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Last night I found five minutes to myself and sat down to create a new evening routine. Our old routine didn’t really allow for the changes this year has brought us etc so it was in definite need of a revamp.

As you can see from the pictures, I have created a routine for each night as our commitments change from day-to-day. As long as we’re all aware of what day it is (especially me!!), I think it will work fine.

I have printed and laminated each sheet and displayed them in the kitchen where they can be seen by the whole family. I have also seen whiteboards, blackboards, and butchers paper used to do the same thing. Whatever works best for you. (Handwritten notes are best if you think you’ll have adjustments to make!!)

I have found when creating and setting up a new routine, it is certainly beneficial to warn the family in advance, so this morning I talked the routine through with the kids over breakfast and told them what to expect from now on. This way it wont be a total shock when they all get home tonight.

I also think it’s important to remember (and I too must remind myself) that a new routine can take up to a month or more to become completely efficient and in place. It’s essential that you do not lose faith in the new routine when your evening does not go according to the plan.

While it can make life so much easier to be organised, life does throw us lemons sometimes and we’re all allowed to have a ‘bad day’. Reassure yourself that tomorrow is a new day and start fresh the next day. Dont give up because of one bad night.

What do I hope to achieve by putting this routine into action??

Less chaos, Children with more sleep, A more organised system of preparing for the next day, An earlier bedtime for Brian & I,  but most of all I am hoping to achieve some time out and peace with my husband of an evening. Yep, some mum and dad time. 🙂

Well I hope I have inspired some of you out there to have a go at an evening routine. Please let me know if you take on the challenge and how it is working for you.

I will update every now and then with progress reports on how we are going! For tonight, the first night of our Revamped Routine, Wish me LUCK!!!!!



One Response to “The Routine Revamp!!”

  1. Kara Says:

    Ohhh Jac, just came across your blog, could spend ages reading it…….evening routine sounds great, think I’ll give it a go too, am sick of getting to bed at midnight!!!

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