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Evening Chaos? Time for a new ROUTINE!!! March 9, 2011

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Our old Evening Routine...

I think it’s fair to say that the last few weeks in our house have been particularly chaotic. I’m not sure whether it has been the introduction of afterschool activities, the few days we had without a car, the extra overtime hubby has had to work or the sheer lack of enthusiasm for anything much more than a nap.


Yes that’s right, we have slacked off a little on our usual routines and organised ways and have found ourselves struggling. I am exhausted. Down right buggered. And it has become blatantly obvious that when I fall down, so does our routine. My expectations of my husband picking up my slack were far from met, the children seemed to see this exhaustion of mine as a little holiday really and as you can imagine…. things have very much gone by the way side.

So I can only see one option to solve this problem. A ‘ROUTINE REVAMP’ must be done. And it must be done quick!!! So today I will excuse the chaos, sit down once it’s quiet and create a new, fresh and suitable routine for our family.

There are a few things I really must think about when making up the routine. Here are a few of the thoughts floating around in my mind right now.

* It’s got to work for everyone.

* It has to work when Brian has overtime or we have evening commitments.

* The children must be involved.

* Is there a better way to do the lunch boxes – it takes too long.

* It must be fair.

* It must allow ample time for the children to complete each task.

* Allow for different after school activities…

There are probably one hundred more thoughts as well but I think these are the main ones that I should definitely consider when setting it all up.

Instead of one blanket routine for the whole week I am going to attempt to make up an individual routine for each weekday. I will also type these up and display them for the whole family to access…. No more Excuses!!!

Wish me luck!! I will update with the progress shortly 🙂




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