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Our Zoo…. March 7, 2011

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Scooby! The biggest Jack Russell ever!!!

Pets….. We have heaps.

Aria with Chilli.


Many people have questioned me for reasons why I would commit to owning so many animals, when my plate is rather full already with children. My answer….?

Because I cannot remember a day in my childhood (and adult life) where I was not the proud owner of a pet and that is an experience I want my children to cherish, as I still do to this day.

Already our pets have taught our children responsibility, independence, affection, gentleness, caution, about life and death and sharing daily tasks. There are days where I consider the costs, the time and the heartache when we lose them, but nothing is yet to deter me from have a petting zoo at home!!!

So I will introduce to you our current menagerie…

Scooby – The Jack Russell Cross that I adopted from the RSPCA…… (Clearly the vet that defined his breed was a little confused). Scooby is much closer to a whippet/greyhound cross. He has been a fantastic dog, well-mannered and generally well-behaved. He’s about 8 yrs old now.


Jai with Hendrix

Scrappy – A Pomeranian Cross. Fantastic little dog, excellent with the kids although he does like to escape the yard….


Boots – A ginger and white cat. Adorable creature with lots of cuddles.

Veruca with Boots.


Chilli – A white, ginger & black cat. She’s super fluffy and a big favourite with the kids.

Hendrix – A black cat, brother to Chilli. He’s so super cuddly and watches the TV with Brian every night.

Ernie – A giant Oscar fish. Ernie is Brian’s pride and joy. He has grown him from around an inch long to his current length of approx 8 inches. This fish scares the hell out of me as he is extremely aggressive and will sulk if he’s not happy. I am still amazed that a fish can have such a personality…

Sprite the Guinea Pig.


3 Guinea Pigs – These are a major part of our children’s routine as they feed, water and care for them on their own.

A Tank of tropical fish – My fish tank. 🙂

And my babies…..


Yertle the Turtle.

3 Eastern Long neck Turtles. I love them. Very entertaining. I can make them dance!!! 🙂


Whats next you ask? Well Brian would love a Bearded Dragon Lizard. I want some birds again.

Who knows what I will bring home next…


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