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Me Time? What’s That? March 6, 2011

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All you parents out there would know exactly what I am talking about… Ahhh long gone are the

A bit of digital scrapbooking...

days of snuggling up on the couch in front of a movie, random guitar jam sessions with friends, scrapbooking workshops into the wee hours, dinner and the cinema with the hubby, even the old ‘girls night in’  had been given the flick….. Does such a thing as ‘Me Time’ even exist anymore??

To be honest, it has taken over an hour for me to type this first paragraph due to the constant interruptions and nagging from a cranky, bored pre-schooler (turns out she actually misses the older 3 when they’re at school).

Nearly 7 years ago, I surrendered my free time privileges and commenced making my family. A choice I will never ever regret however, there are times now and then when I do feel the need to release my brain and do something just for me. Afterall, I am only human.

It became apparent in late 2009 / early 2010 after my father passed away, my commitments with my mother increased,  I had an ectopic pregnancy and my husband took on a full-time job (as well as running his own business), that I really did need some time out. There was only so much I could take and only so much patience I had left. So on doctors orders… a little bit like stress leave from work….. I juggled the kiddies around and organised our activities so that I had one day a week to myself.

It certainly took some getting used too…. The first few Wednesdays I just sat in the quiet….. Staring at the wall wondering what the point to this exercise was….. and all I could think about was the children. The guilt consumed me and I almost gave in on the idea of me ever even deserving a second to myself. It was horrible.

The start of my BBQ Area..... Otherwise know as... Hide the neighbors!!

On the following Tuesday night, I lay awake in bed for hours trying to reason with myself and make light of the coming day’s events. Then it dawned on me…. During one of my “What is the point of anything” moments, I realised that I just wasn’t me anymore.

Where was the Jac that was always happy and smiling? Where was the Jac that would immerse her self in her scrapbooking and crafts once the kids were in bed? Where was the Jac that would pick up the guitar and rock out a few of the classics? Where was the Jac that played Pool Comp/8 Ball with her husband every week? Where was the sewing, the song writing, the painting and designing…..????

Perhaps, I thought, maybe the doctor was right. A weekly dose of ‘Me Time’ could just be the cure.

So with a little bit of attitude adjusting (promised myself there would be no more guilt), I planned my next Wednesday.





8.30am – Drop Children off – School, Kinder & Daycare….

9.00am – Coffee and Computer Time.

10.00am – Scrapbooking.

12 noon – Lunch out with Mum.

1.00pm – More Scrapbooking.

4.00pm – Prepare & Put Dinner On. (yep still have to do some mum duties!!)

5.00pm – Pick up Children & Husband.

5.30pm – Dinner.


Ahhh I was in utter bliss….. And I completed some long overdue scrapping projects….. Hmmmm what would I do next week??? So the old brain of mine began ticking and before I knew it I had planned many Wednesdays to come…..

Scrapbooking, catching up with friends, painting, creating a BBQ area outside, the  list goes on. Now I know to some, this guilt free day

Fun times with friends..

to myself must really seem like a selfish greedy act, but in all honesty it has been just the therapy I needed.

12 months on I am still enjoy a bit of ‘Me Time’ each week. I am a different person now, its been a long process but each week I am rediscovering a little bit more of the old me and losing a piece of the wound up highly strung worry wort I had become. For this I know my family are grateful.


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