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The Teeniest Weeniest Monster….erm…. February 28, 2011

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During April 2009 we welcomed the long awaited arrival of another BOY child!!! WooHoo….. Finally!!! Introducing Levi Kaelan…

The big boofer of the family weighing in at a giant 8lb 6oz…. I guess in general speaking terms a baby of this size is really quite normal, but after the others, he has just always seemed HUGE!

Ahhhhh my little Levi, melts my heart every time. Some (The Husband) might suggest that since the arrival of Levi, I have gone all soft. Somewhat mooshy even. I’m not sure what it is, might even be a mother/son thing but I just cant help it. He is the big cuddles, the silly stunts and at the age where everything is an adventure. While I am certain the “ahhhh mooshy feeling” will wear off rather quickly once the “terrible 2’s & 3’s” commence, I will just enjoy this free range toddler as he is!levi 3mths

In his less than 2 years in our family Levi has developed such an amazing personality! He’s a little bit of all the others rolled into one. He’s a little cuddly and caring, a little stubborn and impatient, a bit obnoxious and cheeky. He’s a clown and loves a laugh, he’s creative (just check out the murals on my walls….) and he’s full of energy and life.  He fits in perfectly at the end of the pecking order 🙂

Levi’s most favourite things include tractors, trucks, helicopters & basically anything that has wheels. He has discovered his big brothers Lego and loves to build and build. He’s an avid Toy Story fan, well Buzz Lightyear that is, even though he has never sat down long enough to see more than 5 minutes of the movie!! He’s the only one of the squad that has an attatchment to one particular toy and have mercy on us if we forget to bring the precious dragon on holidays….

Levi is our little monster, of the cutest variety of course…. 🙂xmas levi


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  1. Jenny Says:

    Hi Jac. the blog is totally awesome. well done girlxxx

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