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Introducing Monster Number 4…… February 28, 2011

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The great chicken wrestler..Today I’d like to introduce you all to the 4th member of our Monster Squad, little Veruca Rani….

Now before you go jumping to conclusions and getting in a flap I would like to say that Yes, I am aware of what her name means and No, it’s not after a great love of Willy Wonka.

Veruca was born in November 2006 at the Ballarat Base Hospital. She was yet another cesarean delivery, but all was well and she weighed a healthy 7lb.

Now about her name…. During my teenage years i developed a healthy obsession with Rock music. One of my all time favourite bands is Veruca Salt (yes they got their name from Willy Wonka), none the less, i wanted my musical past to be a part of my familie’s future so we decided to call her Veruca (and yes she is a spoilt brat). On her Birth announcements we wrote :

Veruca: A Born Entertainer, Rani: A queen….. Couldn’t have given a more appropriate description if we wanted too !!! So thats what her name means to us, and thats all that really matters.

Veruca is the comedian of our family, not a day goes by where I am not reduced into fits of hysterical laughter with this child. What more can I say than “She cracks me up”. Her vibrant personality has won many over, family and friends alike. She’s the only 4 year old I know that has met her soul mate and is deeply in love…. LOL

When she’s not being a clown, she’s busy being a friend to all creatures great and small, thus why she has been given the nickname of Dr Doolittle…. It is far from uncommon to see Veruca pushing around a cat in a dolls pram, running a dog ragged for hours on end or out in the yard discovering bugs and insects alike.Rockin Veruca

I must be fair and admit that while little miss Veruca is a laugh a minute, she has had 3 very experienced and qualified teachers in the great art of MENACING!!! Yes that right, this little cracker can give all of her other siblings a run for their money.  A Rat Bag extraordinaire… Lucky she’s just so damn loveable!!!

So thats Veruca, rough, tough and super funny. 🙂

Veruca and chilli


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