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Monster Number 1… February 27, 2011

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Monster Number 1Introducing My first little MONSTER…. This is Jai Phoenix.

While it appears he is all there I really must mention that the other part of him is Monster number 2… Yes, thats right Jai is a TWIN!

Jai was born in May 2004 by cesarean section in the Ballart Base Hospital. He was yoinked out 3 minutes before his sister and will lay claim to being the oldest sibling of the squad.

He was a delightful little baby, only 5lb 15oz at birth but quickly caught up to his giant sister Aria who weighed in at 7lb 3/4 oz.  🙂 (She’ll love me for that one in years to come…).

Jai is our patient all rounder. He is calm, understanding, caring and easy to get along with. He fires up when needed – always provoked by his sisters – but is generally a peaceful little person.

Whilst Jai is a twin, we have always been determined to raise our babies as individuals. This has paid off wonderfully as he has developed his own special personality, unlike any of the others, and is not afraid to use it.

In saying that, I should also mention that Jai and his twin sister Aria are still to this day, thick as thieves. They are comfortable apart but inseperable at times often speaking for each other and predicting each others thoughts…. Definately a force to be reckoned with when teamed up!!

Our favourite past time is building lego creations together.  I am definately looking forward to this mansion of a house he intends building me when he’s “Bigger”…. all this Lego building must pay off somewhere… right???Jac & Jai 3mths old


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  1. raisingwill Says:

    Love the piccies chickadee – GO JAI! SUPER TWIN! Maybe I should throw in a Will Profile at xx

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