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Introducing MONSTER number 2!!! February 27, 2011

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Monster Number 2 Aria

Introducing my Monster Number 2…  Aria Monique.

Aria was born in May 2004 at the Ballart Base Hospital. She’s the second monster in our squad missing the title position by a whole 3 minutes. Yes she is a TWIN!

Aria was born by cesarean section and weighed a healthy 7lb 3/4oz.  She looked so much bigger than her brother Jai, but really…. he was just a weeny beeny 🙂

Aria's Big Smile 10weeks old. Aria is a headstrong little character who always knows what she wants and usually has a decent plan to get it. She can be placid and easy going but more often than not shes your typical high maintenance ‘GIRL’… or “stinky pink” as Jai calls his sisters…

It’s not uncommon to find Aria with her head in a book or creating pictures and artworks. She has developed a love of craft from an early age and excels in both reading / writing and the arts.

During her first year of Primary School she wrote and recorded her own song “I like Ponies & Horses”. Totally rocked!!! LOL  🙂  She seems to have developed an obsession with horses and has started pony riding lessons each week. When we get spare time Aria and I enjoy Scrapbooking together! Aria riding MagsAria 2009

Occasionally I may refer to Aria as Bug, Buglet, Buggle or in moments of utter disbelief, high maintenance and complete frustration….. Paris.

Nicknames she has aquired along the way…..


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